Nuggets welcome the test!There is also MVP and useless, what should I do if I influencing factors?



The NBA regular season has already played a lot of competitions, which can be said to be a few happy families.Like a warrior, the sun these high songs, they don’t have much trouble, and they will win things.However, some teams are very difficult, such as the western Nuggets, they seem to be 蹉跎 this season.

Nuggets is a very representative team that is very counter-tread from their team.This time we analyze the Nuggets from different aspects to see how this team is.Nuggets welcome the test!There is also MVP and useless, what should I do if I influencing factors?

First, the injury to find the Nuggets, pressing them to breathe

For small market teams, they rebuild the road quite rugged. As a representative of the small market team, they are more through the election, after all, they are not too attractive in the free market. From Murray to Yaki to Burto, they stepped down to the present. Nuggets have become a strong west in these seasons, but their luck is somewhat poor, and it is always a matter of success.

The 19-20 season is their most successful season, and has been hitting a western final. That is, after this season, everyone is unlimited to see Nuggets, after all, they have alternative play. However, the Nuggets have encountered injuries, and the injury in Murray last season directly discharged the team to go further. Murray suffers from big injuries, which not only affects the team, and their future. After all, it is not a player who has experienced a big hurt. After the coming out, it will be like Durant.

I thought Murray’s injury will end this, and no one thought that this season is more injured. The team’s new star Potter This is absent from the injury, and the team of another player is also injured and is in an indefinite injury. Even if the team core is about Jiki, it is also because the right hand wrist injury has not played. The injury crushed the Nuggets, so that the team’s record was very bad and did not play the previous style.

A team is most afraid of injury, even the Warriors of 5 years 3 crowns, in the 19-20 season, and the 20-21 season is also lost. Nuggets are now ushered in the injury, and Malong is reluctant, and it is often difficult for the smart woman. If the Nuggets are so played, this season Murray does not have to come out, because there is no need, it is better to learn Durant, and will completely raise the injury to return to the next season.

Second, there is no MVP and it is useless.

Nuggets have cultivated Yesi’s MVP player is right, but in now, there is no MVP. We can look at the lineup of the Nuggets, even after about Yauchi is coming out, it is quite malformed. The main line of Nuggets is about Biki + Barton + Gordon + Morris, this player, Jochi is the main holding ball, and this season can get 26.4 points 6.4 assists, and do what I can do. everything.

Nuggets can now stand out to control the players, and the offensive end has been greatly affected. Barton is a good front line player, occasionally passenger role of the ball, but his offensive influence is general, averaging 16.3 points 4.3 assists, only panel data is excellent. There is not much discoupling in Gordon’s self-developed offensive ability, and there is not much drama played in the system of Nuggets. More is that the role of idle-cut people appears, and the average 3.6 points are very good.

Other role players, Monte – Morris’s positioning itself is a puzzle, can’t expect him to do too much. As for Jeff Green, Jeff Green, which is coming, is quite quite quite quite, and can make a starter to replace it. Of course, March is also trying to grow the rotation so that the potential of the team is only a pity that the rest of the players are insufficient. To put it bluntly, the Nuggets is lacking, except for Yauchi, no one is more than 20 points.

Various signs indicate that this season is difficult. It is quite fierce in the western part of itself, and the Nuggets is the abuse of the missions. If the Nuggets can fight one, they may fight a seating seat, then where is this meaning? Nuggets is not that kind of team that needs to prove his team, and they need to do. Like the Warriors, the Warriors have been in two seasons. This season is again amazing. The alliance has become a champion, and the Nuggets that are deeply trapped.

Third, the team will be locked in the future, what should I do?

Players playing in NBA, not everyone wants to hit the champion, and some players are making money. So sometimes give the big contract to consider the opportunity. For example, the Nuggets walked wrong. It is indeed worthy of heavy cultivation with small-port talent and last season, but it is only necessary to take into account his injuries. It is clear that there are some prunity of the Nuggets. It will give a big contract early in this year’s break, so this season will appear this season.

Burto is very bad
in front of the injury, only 9.9 points 6.6 rebounds, the shooting rate is 29.4%. After the little-port got the big contract, there was no effort, and the play attitude began to get lazy. With his current value, Burto is not a team will take over. For Nuggets, you can only digest themselves. As for the big contract of Potter, you can only see if he can wake up in the later period, after all, there are so many money. I don’t want him to be a full star, and the level of Vints can also be played.

It is not as good as it is really like this season, so it’s better to get it. Why do you say this? We can see the current salary architecture of Nuggets. Contracts in the summer of next year have only Gordon, the team will definitely leave him, and the contract will not be less than before. If you really do this, Yauchi + Potter + Gordon + Murray + Morris + Barton’s salary has burst the salary space, which is basically unintrovable.

Not only is difficult to operate in summer next year, even if it is pushing, the salary architecture of Nuggets is not very reasonable. After the date of arrival of Jochi’s contract, it will definitely take the top salary. So Hori and Burtone, these three people will make the Nuggets uncomfortable. The Nuggets are also a small market team, which is not very attractive to strength players. It is foreseeable in the future that Nuggets will not be strong in the market. If you want to optimize lineup, more is the transaction or on the draft conference!


Nuggets is difficult to this season, this is quite helpless. However, the age of Nuggets is also more young, which is also their greatest advantage. Nuggets can be tried in the future, and how the team management is operated.