NFL2018 big event reviews the eagle "under the dog" counterattack Bradirogers


Bottom a wave, in 2018, it has passed, from the deep winter to another deep winter, and NFL has also happened in this time. They are so important, and there have been laughter, have tears, taste joy and experience sadness, now the dust will settle, let us take time as the axis, inventory inventory in 2018, and see the official.

February 5th, the eagle burst the cold wins the patriot first taking a super bowl

The 52nd Super Bowl New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagle meet the narrow road in Minneapolis, and the two sides staged a rare anti-attack war. In the end, the eagle 41-33 defeated the patriots, the team history won the super bowl for the first time, quad-saving Nick – Works is elected in the super bowl MVP. “Jia Bo” Justin Ting Black brings hot performance in the midfield, according to the famous TV ratings statistics company Nelson’s report, about 100 million viewers have watched the 52nd super bowl. After this game, “Why not market-Butler” and “Philadelphia special”, etc., the story of the Bulk Revody, the story of the old eagle’s counterattack is a good story.

On March 14, Kusins, Wikiki

Former Washington Red Leather Quarter Shuoke-Cossonus has been brought to the old East’s home after the 2-year privilege label, and became the largest fish in the free market. Not long after the season, Cossins signed a full-guarantee contract worth 3 years of $ 84 million with Minnesotavijing. At that time, Coss was not only the highest random player, but also $ 84 million in the full guarantee. It also created a primary contract.

April 27th Merfield accident

On April 27, the 2018 Eleventhout Conference was held in Dallas. The first round of the five four-point Saizhu proud venue, the continuous trading of the middle and late sections, and the unexpected choice to make the fans tap addiction. There is a rumor in front of the draft, Brown will choose the four-point Baique, the University of Oklahoma, and then turn this rumor into reality after people think that the Brown team has released a smoke bomb. This season, Mefield is deadly interpretation under the situation of Taylor’s state, and fry the main coach in the season, after Jackson, Mefield began to make a lot of color, becoming the best attack in the year. Hot candidate.

August 30th packaging hand history poetry contract renewal Rogers

Before the beginning of the new season, Green Bay packaging workers and quarter gardi-Rogers finally completed the long-awaited renewal procedures, the contract worth $ 134 million, including $ 103 million security, an average annual salary of $ 33.5 million, this Several numbers set the NFL history record. This money is worthy of Rogers, he is already one of the best quarters of the league, and can even be said to be the best quarter. Although it is 35 years old, the status does not show any signs of attenuation. However, this season’s packaging work management experiences, Rogers also came out with the head coach Mike, McCarti, plus the team’s poor performance, repeatedly because of the small misunderstanding, even Rogers once again shouted running table The slogan is still weak.

September 7th, the old eagle is victory, the new season opened the curtain

After 7 months of long waiting, the NFL 2018 season opened the curtain on September 7, defending champion Philadelphia Eagle 8-12 thrilling overcome Atlantan Falcon. At the perspective of score, this game was very unexpected, in the process, this is more like a pair of crispies. It turns out that the sluggage of the unveiled battle also reflects the bumps of the two teams in the 2018 season. The defending champion eagle has no more than the super strong team. The French team lost two defensive groups in the first battle. In the early playoffs early.

On September 8, Katnik was in Nike, and then the public opinion

At the same time, the front San Francisco 49 people were four-point guards, Kariek, served as the Nike Advertising – “Just Do IT” (fearless forward) has also completed the first broadcast. On the next few days before the advertisement broadcast, Nike has preheated in advance in social media, and triggered a warm discussion of American netizens. This time is two minutes of advertising. The super superstar of LeBron James, Sairna-Williams, Odel-Beckham, and talks about many social problems such as racial injustice, police violence. . The above disputes are the reasons for NFL players during the national anthem ceremony, and Katnik served as a narrator for the entire advertisement. During that time, the fermentation of the message and subsequent events appeared in the US and the world’s sports, business, cultural media, and social networks about Nike and Capenke discussion. Nike’s online sales within three days before and after September 3, the actual growth increased by 31%, more than 17% of the 2017 episode, Nike’s stock price fell, and finally rushed to the highest point in history – 85 Dollar.

On September 21, the head of the head of the head is reversed, and the Brown is 635 days to win.

On September 21, Beijing time, Cleveland Brown welcomes the New York jet, the first half of the brown is behind 14 points, followed by 1 minute 43 seconds in the second quarter 43 seconds, Taylor is injured, the Yuan Lang Baker-Mei Field ushered in the first show. The 2010 yards in the event of 13 pass in Mefield, and the passed the ball is 100.1 points, helping the Brown team to complete the reversal, ending the 19 rounds of the squad, the end of 635 days, finally win. It turns out that Mefield is the best rookie four-defense this season. He showed the mature of other rookie four-point guard and became the cornerstone of Brown future.

October 9 broke the record! Drew Brisca

The fifth round of the regular season, the New Orleans Saint Team defeated the Washington Red Leather team at 43-19, the Saint San Delu Brischeng has a history of historical level. There is 2 minutes and 36 seconds left in the end of the half, and Brischers found Smith, Smith’s defensive direct Red Panta array area, 62 points! In this way, Brisrees have raised their own passwords to 72103 yards with such a thickening, thus surpass Bretff and Pedon-Manning two legendary quarter-saving, becoming The first person of the NFL history passed.

November 5th Rogers Pk Braddy Tianwang Mountain Battle triggered the whole beauty

At 9:30 in Beijing, Beijing time, NFL ushered in a battle of Tianwang Mountain, Green Bay Package Council against New England Patriots, relative to the game itself, the world’s focus will be concentrated on two people – Bray Di and Rogers. Breddy’s honor PK Rogers’s talents, this is one of the NFL history and even the most attractive eye in the history of full-American sports. At the time of Michael Jordan, the advertisement is the peak. In the end, the patriot has achieved three remedies with road attacks, with 31-17 overwhelves, Braddy passed 394 yards 1 to the last. Since the packaging work is not a playoffs, we may never see the two great dialogues directly. However, the two were selected this year to choose a professional bowl, perhaps in the professional bowl of Olando, there is a chance to make a chance.

On November 20th, the history of the History Wars is the first part of the two sides to break 50, the chief VS ram is comparable to the fairy fight.

On November 20th, Wanzhong smashed the Kansas City Chief VS Los Angeles ram in the night player. This game was previously promoted by NFL and various media: the year is the best, ten years, the battle … The final Los Angeles ram defeated the chief at home 54-51, the game is far away Benefic! This is the first two teams in the history of NFL. The two teams scored more than 50 points, and the ram and the axiate were ranked 105 points. This is ranked third in the history of NFL. Scored the highest game. In fact, this competition is a mining shadow of the Alliance’s offensive explosive growth. Now, more and more teams advocate to use score against the opponent, 13 weeks before the 2018 season, NFL average score (47.8 points), average proposal number ( 718.4 yords) and the field reached the array (3.5) exceeded any season in history.


In 2018, NFL has a new meteorology, “down the dog” eagle 翻 爱国 后 爱 爱 爱元 新元; Emirates take off the fake team’s hat, become a truly terrible tiger wolf; Chicago Bear Come ” Wang Hou will be a kind of “unveiled, Rogers is unable to return to the day, the package is now struggling; the national” Saints ride a dust, 2019 will come, hope that in the new year NFL can have more interesting things happening .

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