NFL a big deeds far more than 4 years of sensation, can continue to continue


The New York Giant team taken Odel Beckham is a phenomenon-level player. He has the physical quality of ordinary people, and will show the talent and skills to the end. In 2014, Xiahe’s one-handed brought the ball and became famous since then. Nowadays, I have been a single-handed ball has passed the 4 years. Now I think it is, and Xiaobei is still grateful to the amazing performance of the day.

“To tell the truth, my career is not smooth, but that the ball has changed directly, it is one of the milestones in my career. The year is the best year I played.” Beckham on Friday When I was interviewed, “I don’t mind if I have been posted on various labels in social media, I saw a bunch of pictures with a single-handed ball, which gave me confidence and motivation to complete some more crazy things.”

Four years ago, that is, November 23, 2014, Xiaobei took the passive, challenged the passage of the passage, challenge the evil spirits in the game, small in the ball, small Bei Zone has a strong waist core muscle strength, and just controlled to the ball, only 3 points of finishing. That instantly changed the life of Beckham, let him rank among the ranks of super superstars. Now Beckham wants to prove that his amazing performance is not just a flower.

I have seen the amazing ball, even Michael Jordan gives the baby SMS congratulations, let alone Beiber James, and James have established a growing friendship with James. Trust is a commercial partner. At the same time, the so-called tree big strokes, Beckham has become a total alliance after a population, almost all corners want to have a trick to him.

I also conflicted with Bill’s Stephen Gilmore in Bill: “Everything is built on the speculation,” Gilmo said at the time: “Everyone saw his ball, overnight It’s beautiful, but have you seen many games? What kind of players do he know on the field, do you know? “

Now, Xiaobei may become an external connector in NFL’s history, and this three-session player is likely to get a more than $ 95 million of fat. However, although he can get rich income and amazing achievements, people always compare him at the moment of their career.

“Honestly, now someone completes the single-handed ball, you will hear people’s comment” he is a monster! ‘Waiting, etc., they think this is very interesting. “Beckham said:” But at any time There is a single-handed boller, I have always taken it to compare them. At that moment, I will always change my life, no matter how people evaluate, it is good, it changed me. “

“I will never forget that instant, I can tell you, I can still recall the feeling in the stadium at the time, it is very clear, it is a very special moment.” Bai’s rookie career is very Strongly, but the night of 2014 completely changed him. He completed the ball with three points in the confrontation of denim-angle Vilan-Carl, which grew as a real star.

Now, Beckham is also eye-catching. After the reimbursement last year, he was still excellent in the NFL stadium. 10 games completed 69 games, won the 932 yards 5 times, only 54 games broke the 5000 yards of the league 5000 yards. Averaging 94 yards were second only to the Atlantian Falcorn Hario Jones. In addition, Beckham also occupies 100 times, 200 times and 300 battles.

However, the biggest regret of Xiahe’s career is that it has been successful in the playoffs. So only one playoff, in 2017, Baby only got 28 yards in 2017.

Do you still be a popular hotspot between the age of 26? Next week, the giant team will challenge Philadelphia eagle in the Lincoln Financial Stadium. Now 3-7 giants can pull the Nawn (4-6)’s record after the game, this is also very accomplishing for them.

4 years, Beckham has grown from the early spring of the year to the union superstar, looking forward to him to lead the giants, and completed more “non-human” performances.

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