NFL 8th Weight Rank Rank: Packaging Coach Top Chief Lightning Falls


The 19th week of the NFL regular season has ended, the latest strength list is also met with everyone! After this round of competition, the packaging workers defeated the red tones, the top of the top, the latter fell to the second; with the Bill, now the top5 ranks added the cowboy, so the top five are all from the country; The two major brigade lightning and chief falling out of the top ten. Not much to say, the strength of the 8th week of the regular season has been ranked, let’s take a look!

NO.1 Green Bay Packing Unit (7-1)

For the eighth week, the packaging workers are not moving to Arizona. Due to the factors of new crown epidemics, including defensive coordinators Joe-Bari, the number one taken outside – Adams and Allen Razad are unable to play. But after defeating the blood, they became the name of the state. The wins of the package workers also have to look at the pavement attack, Alon Jones and A.j. Di Long combined 137 yards. The defensive group also played a key role. They restricted the scoring and propulsion code number below the season of the season, and the Corner Daogelas finally called the team.

NO.2 Arizona Renary (7-1)

This season NFL has no unbeaten team. Sixty-points Wei Keller-Murray and the outer junction A.j. Green is strange between the Green, so that this game will leave a deep impression, and directly lead to the rock. But you can be sure that the red fractions are good, they will not lose their loss because of this game. But this loss, rickets don’t have any excuses, their ball is less than the opponent; they can’t stop the packages from advancement; their own three mistakes, there are twice to enable the package into the end area. The red ramp lost, they didn’t have a packaging work, which also caused them to lose the list of ranks.

NO.3 Los Angeles Ran (7-1)

In the seventh week, the race of the god lion, the ram of the opponent was on the scene, but the eighth week of the Punston Texas, the score did not eventually displayed. At the offensive end, Stafford completed 305 yards and 3 times, running Darer Henson contributed 93 yards of integrated code and twice. The defensive end, the ram only releases 323 yards, and the number of numbers and scores that are released in the team are in the last section of junk time, and there is no persuasiveness. This is a comprehensive compression winning, and the ram position is also named.

NO.4 Tampa Bay Pirate (6-2)

It turns out that Tom Braddy is still a flesh. The competition against the Saint Saint, the saints have given the main four-dimensional Wenton, but Braddy is far lower than people’s awareness. Two CDs and 1 time dropped were Braddy’s question, and the three mistakes made pirates lost 16 points. This failure made people a concern to pirates, and if the pirates can’t be smashed with the opponent, what will they rely on?

NO.5 Dallas Cowboy (6-1)

Lack of starting quartz gauge – Prescott, cowboy continues to win. Substitute four-point guards-Rush is worthy of praise, defeating Viking, and let the team consolidate the top position of the National District of China. The first quarter of the first first started from 325 yards and two times, including the connection in Amali in the last time in less than a minute. But in fact, the biggest hero of cowboy is a defensive group. Under the strong firepower of Xihua, Wei Maika-Parsys, the denim will limit the number of attack code of Viking in the 278 yard, only 1 time.

NO.6 Buffalo (5-2)

The last time Bill and dolphins met, the former won the opponent at 35-0 in Miami. Although Bill wins, it is not easy to win, and they are only 6 points in the middle of the fourth quarter. Thanks to your own mistakes, let Bill finally win with 15 points. After the game, the head coach Sean McDotmot told reporters that he is very happy with the team in a difficult competition, showing the vows to win. When the offensive is blocked, the defensive team strive, this attack and defensive balance is the key to the support of Bill Impact The United States and even the super bowl.

NO.7 Baltimore Crow (5-2)

The time of the crow into the round circumstances is not bad, but when we see them last time, they are not looking for the north at home. Of course, this is a defeated, but the old defending the front of Galece – Campbell said earlier this week that the team can’t think about this. “At least we can’t let them do it again, although I am very sad, but I will ignite me passion. We still have a lot of games to fight. We have to do better in the next half, become a stronger team, Let anyone dare to be underestimated. “

NO.8 Tennesi Titan (6-2)

For Titan, they now have a feeling of 2021 to end. Although the team defeated the Pony through the overtime, Titan accounted for the first machine in the United States of America. But this is not a beautiful victory. The team won very thrilling. The star runs to Derrick – Henry’s scorpion code is only 2.4 yards. The most critical is that he has encountered injuries that lead to the reimbursement of the season. As the most important offensive core of the Titan offensive group, Henry injury will greatly weaken the team combat power, and now the team can only rely on four-point Gu Tintini and Hurio-Jones, Brown two outer hands.

NO.9 Cincinnati Tiger (5-3)

Just when we believe that the Tiger truly formed competitiveness, they were replaced by the jets of the troops in the Metropolitan Stadium. What is the tiger that has just won the crow, lost to only one winning jet this year, perhaps the next week’s game will tell us the answer. No matter what reason, the Tiger Defensive Group must be criticized. It is necessary to know that the jet is in the outcome of the alliance before entering the eighth week. But the tiger is tiger, but let the jet cut a 34 points and 511 yards!

NO.10 New Orleans Saint (5-2)

Saints defeated Tom Brady and pirates in 9 points, which may be the biggest cold door in the eighth week, this victory makes the Saint account for the first part. However, the saints have paid an expensive price, the main force quarterly Wei Wanton injured, reimbursed season. Although the replacement of the four-point guards, the performance is not good, everyone is more willing to believe that this is just his blossom, soon, will be replaced back. 5 wins and 2 losses of Saints have a hopes to hit the playoffs, but their four-guards are all dare to hold more.

NO.11 Las Vegas raid (5-2)

NO.12 Los Angeles Lightning (4-3)

NO.13 New England Patriot (4-4)

NO.14 Pittsburgh Steel Man (4-3)

NO.15 Kansas City Chief (4-4)

NO.16 Cleveland Brown (4-4)

NO.17 San Francisco 49 (3-4)

NO.18 Denver Yam (4-4)

NO.19 Minnesota Viking (3-4)

NO.20 Carolina Black Leopard (4-4)

NO.21 Seattle Hawks (3-5)

NO.22 Indianapolis Pima (3-5)

NO.23 Chicago Bear (3-5)

NO.24 Philadelphia Eagle (3-5)

No.25 Atlantan Falcon (3-4)

NO.26 New York Giants (2-6)

No.27 Washington Football Team (2-6)

NO.28 New York Jet (2-5)

NO.29 Jacksonville American Tiger (1-6)

NO.30 Miami Dolphin (1-7)

NO.31 Houston Texas (1-7)

NO.32 Detroit Lion