NFL – 4 games for the fight against the crowd ram 38-31 victory


Beijing time on September 28th, 8:15 am, the Los Angeles Rasquet of the Los Angeles greeted the Mingnesotavijing team. The Viking team has changed the blood washed in the Buffalobel team who has been brutal last week, and the male team is 3-0 start. All the way is sang, it seems that there is no one can stop, as if you have to win into the super bowl . In this event, the final male team defeated the Viking team at 38:31, and got 4 consecutive victories.


This game Viking team’s external hand Adam Adam – Xillen reclining more than 100 yards, and the first four games starting in the season, all the ball exceeded 100 yards. In the previous league, there is such a grade or the Viking team, and I have just passed the legendary external handlant-Moss, I have just passed the legendary Hall of the famous Hall. He has completed such a record record in 2007. Coincidentally, last Sai Yadang-Xilong single-season ball exceeds 1000 yards, and since Randy Moss, the first player of 1000 yards in the Viking team.

Today, the two sides of the game Jajard Gaff and Cork Coss were passing more than 400 yards.

The race won the top 4 games in the top 4 games. The last goose won the 4-0 good results or in 2001, then they have entered the super bowl, only in the season before 17 years ago. Loss of losses, lost to Tom-Bradi, patriotic teams in the super bowl.

Wonderful review

The first attack after the start of the game is longer, and the Viking is the first to launch an attack. They quit the Koke Coscus many times to find their mainxed hand Adam – Xilian, and use a false run. The real pass tactics gradually came to the red area of ??the male. After the first two passed the ball, Cosssins passed the three-speed 10 yards to take over Ellen Robinson completed the Dalun, this time up to 7 minutes of offense, the Viking team took the lead, 7: 0. This title is not a white called this season. The four points Guiard Gaofu also spent 6 minutes, just pass the ball in front of the Viking team, gave the Todder – Galley Putting a score, 7: 7. Next, the firepower of the Viking team continued, and Cok Cousins ??continued to connect his external connections, and the External hand of Minneapolis miracle was staged last season. It is also a lot of trouble to defensive for the male. I finally came to the red area of ??the raveler in the second quarter, but this time they ended at a note, 10:7.

The second section of the offensive speed is much faster, the raveler is only 2 times, and the external budo-Kapu is directly using the speed to get rid of the defensive running area. When they were 9 minutes left in the second quarter, they took only half a minute and reverse the score, 14: 10. The vicinity of the Viking team is also extremely efficient, first looking for the outside world, Host Von Digs and near-end Feng Kel, and finally in the male The red area is again connected to Allen Robinson to complete the reachable, and the score will be rewritten in the first half of the year 14:17. Although the Viking team offensive is fierce, the mushroom is obviously unstoppable this season, and the outer hand library – Kapu is again connected to Gaoff, the second time is 3 minutes. Down to Dald 21:17. And Gao Fu’s arm is amazing. When only 1 minute left in the first half, he didn’t throw a 47-yard long pass in half. External handbonds – Cooks were relaxed, and the male team continued to expand the lead , 28:17. Viking people were a 39-yard free kick in 2 seconds before the end of the half, and recovered 3 points, 28: 20.

After the beginning of the second half, the firepower between the two sides was slightly weakened, and the raw squad was a free kick in the third quarter left, and the score was opened to 2 ball rights, 31: 20. Obviously the Viking team faced the fiery ram team without surrender. Cork Coss is 3 minutes left in the third quarter. When I gave an external hand Adam – Xili, completed 45 yards of the ball reached the array, and the next two points were successful, 31:28. However, the male collo was in the game, it was like a letter. The four points Guiard – Gaofu found out the way to take the outside Robert – Woods, the latter and Gaoff easily connected, only spent 2 minutes Woods got the arrival, 38:28. The Viking team hit a 40 yard free kick in 4 minutes before the end of the game, 38: 31, but finally did not turn over, encounter 2 games.

Player data

The Viking team quartz, Koke Coscsk 50, 422 yards, 3 times. External Hand Adam – Xilong 8 times, 135 yards, 1 time reached.

The male quartz gardia is 33 pass 26, 465 yards, 5 times. Run Todder – Galley 17 running ball 83 yards. External Brake – Kapu 92 yards, 1 time to reach.

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