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Although there is an epidemic, the NFL football team value increased by 7%.A team worth 4 billion US dollars has reached 4, last year, 2 years – Juna and the race have joined the ranks of this batch this year.

US Time September 10, NFL new season will hold a unveiled battle, Kansas City Emirates to the Punston Texas.For the epfo pension latest newsWorld Strong Strong Emirates, this is the moment of displaying style, and the most valuable player Patrick Mahomes in the super bowl signed the first game after 500 million US dollars.

Although the Mahomes played, only 16,000 people were only less than the capacity of 76,000 people in the arrow stadium.However, this last level is better than many teams.Because I am worried about the epidemic, the Los Angeles Rasquet, the Los Angeles Flash Team and the New York Giant team, the New York jet team did not even have the audience.

In this way, most business can’t do it.However, NFL is not a general business.

latest news ahmedabad today According to Forbes’s latest value for NFL teams, the average value of NFL teams exceeded 300 million US dollars this year, and the 4th team of 4 teams is 4 billion US dollars (1st place) $ 5.7 billion), New England Patriots (2nd, $ 4.4 billion), New York Giants (3rd place, $ 4.3 billion), Los Angeles League (4 billion US dollars).

The values ??of each team have reached a high level, and it is necessary to pay attention to the profitability of rugby movements in the United States.

SALGALATIOTO, president of sports financial institutions, said: “When the team is acquired, pay attention to two points: How much does it cost; how much can you earn (realize profit), or how much money in the future (Make up Loss). “

Last season, the average revenue of NFL teams was $ 477 million, with an average operating profit of $ 109 million, exceeding NBA ($ 70 million), MLB Baseball League ($ 50 million) and NHL Ice Hockey League ($ 25 million) .

In this way, NFL’s debt this season is lower than the proportion of the team value. In addition, NFL has a credit line of $ 10 billion, which is rear shield by the long-term guarantee media agreement of the league, so interest rates should be lower than the interest rate of individual borrowings. The NFL team owner can lend $ 500 million for the team, and can also borrow $ 150 million through a special entity.

The epidemic may lead to a second decrease in the average revenue. This year, the performance of the entire league can only reach the revenue and expenditure, but the economy is difficult. NFL may soon sign a new New National Interests Agreement. The agreement began to take effect in 2023, estimated average annual amount of $ 15 billion, twice the current media agreement.

Is this estimate of excessive optimism? uncertain. In the 50 TV programs in 2019, 41 were NFL programs. According to the new collective negotiation agreement, this season should start to add two playoffs. NFL has a salary cap regulations that the team payment players shall not exceed 50% of the revenue. Therefore, if the team revenue increases, then the team’s profit can be good news, the team’s profit may return to the rise again – the team’s business profit has increased by 3.5 times in the past 10 years.

Huixao Rating Senior Supervisor Chad Lewis said: “NFL has long been supported by fans and sponsors, long-term pursues low leverage, compared to other leagues, its debt is good.”

In this way, the team owner can get profits from the team without having to add investment in order to keep the team value. This is like a good appreciation of an asset, and some are like receiving annual dividends. US tax expert Robert Willens said that the dividends extracted by most owners are based on a ratio of pre-tax profit throughout the entity, which is at least enough to offset the tax cost. Willens is estimated that the team owner will take nearly half of the pre-tax profit (this is the number of federal and state taxes, and the tax rate can be close to 50%). Forbes estimates, after the depreciation and amortization, the team owner may be at least $ 30 million in average.

Different stadiums, the team value is also different. Jerry Jones and Cowboys can be described as examples of this. The denim is known as the US team, and the annual luxury chamber rent and sponsorship revenue is close to $ 360 million, which is more than 2 times more than the second patriot. The patriot team’s home tickets and club seat ticket income exceeded $ 80 million, leading the NFL alliance. The value of Cincinnati Tiger team is the lowest value, with $ 2 billion, ticket sales and club ticket sales revenue less than $ 25 million.

Listing method

Revenue and business profits (profits before trace, tax, depreciation, and amortization) take the figures of the 2019 season and subtract the downsicle cost of the stadium. Debt includes traceability and team owners’ stadium debt and team debt. Our accounting calculation uses a collection implementation system, not an interpretation.

The team value is the value of corporate value (equidistant debt), including the economic value of the team’s stadium (including non-NFL income of home team owners), not the value of real estate itself. The Los Angeles Rasquette, the flash and the Las Vegas raid team adjustments to the new stadium opened in this season.

Additional report: Christina Settimi.

The following is ranked for each team value

Dallas Deni / Dallas Cowboys

Value: $ 5.7 billion

1 year value change: 4%

Owner: Jerry Jones

Business profit: 425 million US dollars

2. New England Patriots / New England Patriots

Value: $ 4.4 billion

1 year value change: 7%

Owner: Robert Kraft

Business profit: 250 million US dollars

3. New York Giants / New York Giants

Value: $ 4.3 billion

1 year value change: 10%

Owner: John Mara, Steven Tisch

Business profit: $ 168 million

4. Los Angeles Rasquet / Los Angeles Rams

Value: $ 4 billion

1 year value change: 5%

Owner: Stanley Kroenke

Business profit: $ 7,8 million

5. San Francisco 49 People San San Francisco 49ers

Value: $ 3.8 billion

1 year value change: 9%

Owner: Denise Debartolo York, John York

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Business profit: $ 121 million

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