NBA-official! The hot fire bull was severely punished, the warrior recalled Thompson, and the basket network Owen once again


On December 2, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued to start, and the offers were also transmitted in the field. Among them, the transactions re-exchanged after the opening period were finally punished, and the hot and bull were confiscated a second round. Sign; the Warriors officially recall Thompson, returning to the team to train; Nets Owen once again appeared in the university basketball game.

After the festival, the hot fire completed Lori’s first sick, and the bull completed the first sick of Bauer, and the NBA official has been investigating whether the two teams have made violations. In the end, the two deals of the league still have violations, and during the investigation, the two teams are very cooperated, and the final disposal of the penalty is taken into account, and finally, only the two teams will be available. The specific trading options for the two teams are:

The Heat is changed from the Raulong transaction by the first sign. It is a contract for a 3-year $ 85 million; the bull gives Bauer through the first sign. After signing a 4-year 8000 Wan Dollar contract.

The Warrior official announced that it officially recalled Clay-Thompson, Huosman and Damien – Lee. The Warriors put them from 3 people to the development alliance. In order to increase the number of training, because the Warriors in the past two games were playing away, the Warriors ushered in four consecutive home competitions, and the wounded can be trained with the team. This is the most interesting, and he has shown a good state in the training of the development alliance, and it is also a tribute to kill three points.

Basketball Star Owen once again appeared in the university basketball stadium, watching the University of Xilton. Because Owen did not choose a vaccination, it would not comply with New York’s epidemic prevention provisions, and it was unable to play home competition. The returns of the basket did not let him follow the leadership game until he stipulated. The Owen does not need to worry, and has not conducted a business related to basketball. This time it is rare in the basketball stadium.

After the university venue, Owen once again updated the social media, and continuously dried a lot of pictures related to black people. One of the pictures in the picture is watching a book name “Who”. “

For recent days, Owen updates these content frequently in social media, anyway, and basketball, and his introduction has become an artist, I really don’t know when he can return to the team.