NBA-Net 3 news! The probability of winning the first, Haden love activities, and signed the rice god earned


Because it is a Thanksgiving, the NBA regular season is a short break, and the teams have also received a rare rest time, and 3 news came from the Net. In the latest probability of winning the crown, the Nets still reached the first alliance, or was optimistic about the outside world; Harden attended the Thanksgiving event, giving their own love; Mills new season is very good, 2 data leads the whole team, the ball The team signed him
really earned.

The new season has already played more than a dozen games, and
the probability of winning the championship is often updated. On the latest, the basket is still the most optimistic, Warriors, Bucks, Jazz and Lakers followed.

Due to the absence of Owen, the strength of the Nets is damaged. Now they are under the leadership of Durant and Harden, the team is still returning to the right track, still winning the popular team, the outside world is also very optimistic about them. After all, there is a Timed bomb – Ou Wen, if he can return in the next half, then the strength of the Net will be more terrible, and the first is also true.

Thanksgiving Day, Single Harden is not idle, attending the Thanksgiving event, providing Thanksgiving dinner for the community in Brooklyn. The official of the basket is also taking the activity of Harden. I saw him very seriously and made a new apron. Then Harden himself also took the event and wrote: “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Harden often makes love activities. Previously, it was played in the Rocket, and he often participated in various activities and got a lot of fans. This is also after he left the rocket, there are still many rocket fans to support him, or look forward to Harden to return to Toyota center, worth all of the applause.

Since the season, the Nets played 19 games and won 14 wins and 5 negative records, ranking the first position in the eastern part. In the finished competition, the Route is just added to the team’s Milles played excellent, into the 61-point three points, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is 50.4%, and the two data is ranked first. The selection of the break is really no mistake, and the signed Mills really makes big, and it has become a classmate of Curry.

Mills’s joining, the outside of the basket has become more threatened. He is still a different personality with Harris, Durant and Haden have 2 shooters, or make other teams difficult, do not dare to pack folder.