NBA latest MVP list: Kuli pressure Durant, first, letter brother, 4th, Paul into the top 5!


Beijing time November 27th, the 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. As of today, the new season NBA regular season has been proximately 40 days. Earlier this earlier, NBA officially announced the latest MVP rankings.

The first three have not changed, still is the library, Durant and Joyki.

1, Curry (ranked first last week)

The Curry has been very good in recent times. At present, the Warriors have achieved a wave of 5 consecutive victories, with 16 wins and 2 negative results. Curry has been ranked 28.2 points 5.8 rebound 6.8 assists 1.6 steals, including the first place in the colleagues. In addition, the Kuri intended to hit the three-pointer in the hit, and the play is 5.4 three-pointers. The two data ranked first!

2, Durant (ranking last week)

Durant recently encountered a slight injury, but his fire line was repeated and showed stable. At present, Durant has 28.1 points 7.6 rebound 5.3 assists, 55.6% in shooting, 39.8% of the three-point ball rate, and the field score rankings The second place. Under the leadership of Durant, the Nets currently ranked 14 wins and 5 negative

3, Yaki (ranked 3 last week)

Because of the injury, Yauchi has been lacking in three games, and the team is also unsuitful in his game. So far, Jikiki field has been 26.4 points 13.6 rebound 6.4 Assistance 1.2 steals, shooting in the hit rate of 59.3%, 3-point ball rate 41%, the current record of 9 wins 9 wins, has fallen to the western part 10 bits.

4, letter brother (ranking last week)

The letter brother and the Bucks have ushered in the recent, and the letter brother is also elected as the best player in NBA last week. As of now, the letter brother has been brought by 27.2 points 11.7 rebound 5.9 Assistance 1.2 steals 1.9 cover, shooting in the shooting rate of 51%! With the recent 5 consecutive victory, the ranking of the Bucks has risen to the 6th place in the eastern part.

5, Paul (ranking last week)

The solar team is the best team in the situation in the alliance. They have achieved 14 consecutive victories, which is also the longest winning record of NBA this season. As the team commander, Paul’s season has been 14.1 points 3.9 rebound 10.4 assists 2.1 steals, shooting in the hit rate 47.1%!

Rank 6 – 10th stars are: Butler (Heat), Durzan (Bulls), Moran (Grizzlies), Raven (Bulls) and East Chickens (Saler ” .

In addition, five players have nominated, they are: Bak.