NBA – Lakers have internal 讧? Xiao Jordan and Woger quarreled, the starter only 4 minutes was discarded


The Lakers 117-92 wins the king, win 2 consecutive victories, and the winning rate once again over 50%. Before the game, James suddenly came out of the news that triggered the security protocol, so absent this game, so on the team to stand the pressure, successfully won the victory, and reported the previous three plus. In this competition, the Lakers have an unhamined scene, and Xiao Jordan and the coach Woger fierce quarrel.

This game, Xiao Jordan is still playing, but this time he is present in the performance is not very good, and the team is in passive. Soon, Walger made a person adjusted, let Howard replaces Xiao Jordan, after being replaced, Woger came to Xiaogadan, then there were some quarrels, and Xiao Jordan was constantly pointed out. What did the field, then Walger leaves. The result of the subsequent, everyone is also clear, Xiao Jordan has never got an appearance time, sitting on the bench.

Although Xiao Jordan said, it was the first of the team, but he only played only 4 minutes, 1 in 0, just grabbed 2 rebounds. Perhaps it is a selection of some defensive locations on the field, so that Woger is not satisfied. In fact, this Lakers can reverse it, maybe because of Xiao Jordan, it is his downturn, let Woger is forced to choose to enable Howard . The first half of the lakes have turned behind to 14 points, and the Lakers in the second half will only give the king to get 33 points. They
are 67 points, and they have successfully completed the big reversal. This is a great contribution to Howard.

As can be seen from the game, he can see that he can play, really benefited from this quarrel, Howard is revealed that Walger in front of the game said that his game may not get the time. After the game, Woger also said that Huo Haw is just a decision of the coach, think he can provide some help to us in this game.

Fortunately, he finally opened, otherwise the Lakers really can win. Howard got a 35-minute appearance time, contributing 12 points and 13 rebound 2 cap performance, playing very perfect, positive and negative value +27 The second, second only to Mum.

Perhaps starting with the next game, Howard is to be the team’s first center, Xiaordan may be DNP. In fact, from the beginning of the season, Xiao Jordan served as the first question. After all, he was abandoned by Nash. Before the ability is really big, plus his fighting spirit and enthusiasm in the field, really do not I understand why Woger has been insisting. It can be seen from this game. Howard is more excellent than Xiao Jordan, no matter which aspect, you will see this Woger will change.