NBA – 22 + 6 three points, the Lakers pick up! Woger finally opened, Howard 12 + 13


On December 1, Beijing time, NBA regular game continued to start, and the Lakers challenge the king. The last Lakers three plus the opponent, this time James can’t play, the Lakers can’t play, and the Lakers have been passive. In the first half, they are pressed by the opponent. It is good to achieve big reversal in the second half. 37 The offensive of -15, success reverse. In the end, the Lakers 117-92 defeated the king and completed the revenge.

No James, plus Bradley is absent, and the Lakers are forced to get among the array, Wei Shao, Elington, Tak, Davis and Xiaordan.

After the start of the game, the Lakers have some deficiencies, lack of James, their attack and defense is very bad, the first half of the lake is in full passive, good in the Monk half-footed three points, half of the Lakers, 9 point. In the
second half, the scene is on the sky, the king encounters the score, the Lakers will stand the super offensive of 35-8, and the reversal score is also established, and the two-digit leader is established; the last question is still not found, the game is also early Lost suspense. In the end, the Lakers 117-92 defeated the king and got 2 winches.

This game, Lakers, more flowers, Davis and Wei Shao are well helped the team, especially James. After the first downtown state, the Qi Shao quickly made adjustments, 21 shots 9, got 23 points and 5 rebounds 6 assists, 4 mistakes were in the first quarter. Davis played in the inside, 22 shots 12, got 25 points and 7 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals. In addition to his two, the replacement of the Lakers in this game is the key to reversal of the second half. The performance of Monk makes the https://www.maillotbasket6.comLakers get a treasure.

Monk was played for 32 minutes and 34 seconds. The audience is 16 shots. The three points of the ball 10, which contributed 22 points and 4 rebounds 4 assists, the positive and negative value +33 The whole team is the highest. This completely compensates for the vacancies left by James, which is the stability of his outside, so that the Lakers have completed crazy reversal in the second half. The Lakers signed Monk is just a basic salary, which is definitely a treasure.

In addition, the head coach Woger is finally open, no longer let Huraw on the troops, giving him a 35-minute appearance time, this is also the most played time this season, the last game is more DNP. Howard did not live up to the trust of the team. 7 in 5 get 12 points and 13 rebounds 2 cover, the positive and negative value +27 , the team second.

Howard’s role is not only the data is reflected. His appearance has made the Lakers defense directly improved a grade. He is really much better than Xiao Jordan.