More folk masters! The boy competition participates in the pitching link by the MLB team signing


Don’t give up your dreams. What? This sentence has been so bad? This is just a common chicken soup sentence? Yes, this is an Chen cavity that everyone heard, but this is also a fact.

About two weeks ago, a group of brothers in the Kursou Stadium in Colorado, a small trick in the game in the game. One of them, Nathan Patterson used a stunning fast ball that made the audience, and also caused the interest of everyone.

Such an arm is placed on the Internet on the Internet after a few months ago, it will come to the eyes of everyone. At that time, Patrien showed everyone that he picked up the technology – although the left hand hit gypsum.

This is really amazing, then confirmed once, speed is 94 miles above? In a fans’s pitch challenge, this is probably every baseball fan feels something you can do. However, in addition to a few people, others have cast a ball, feel the enormous gap between reality and ideals, and then silently accept a slow-swallowed number, then there is no.

In fact, Parst hits very brush

In fact, Parst hits very brush

However, this 23-year-old young man, Nasse-Patterson, he rely on this performance and his gold right arm, ushered in an Auckland’s vital contract, really.

Patters offers a detailed content for his magic story:

His surprise trip was launched in August last year. At that time, he went to Nashville’s small alliance game (Nashville’s AAA level team of the Auckland Sports Family), then in the same fans. It is very surprised by the rapid ball of 96 miles, and this speed is even so surprised, because he said that he “has not https://www.maillotspascherfr.compicked it for several years.”

Just because the event, Patterson decided to start training. But after a few months, he was unfortunate to suffer a car accident and accepted surgery in December, and he was treated in his non-pitcher wrist (which is mentioned earlier, left hand gypsum).

The Auckland Sportsman began to contact Patrien in February this year, and he also continued to be trained, continued to shoot, and joined a spare place to find and maintain the game and pitching. Then in Colorado’s event. “Just a few days after I received the phone number of the Auckland Sports Family Team”, Patterson said.

As for the background of Patterson? He has always been in the game until the last year of high school. But he said he did not have such a powerful arm at the time.
This is estimated to have the achievements of hard work.

Once again, we have to congratulate. Then, you can read every one of this article, don’t give up your dreams, especially when you can shoot “That master”.