MLB9 Day Summary: Picit Tower has subscribed to the fee of Four consecutive victories


On June 9, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted a 16 game. The results are as follows: Sapphire 4-9 bears, red people 1-4 Philadelphians, slash snake 6-0 blue bird, light 9-2 red socks G1, Tampa Bay light 1-5 Boston Red Sock G2, Yangji 4-8 Indians, Shuangcheng 3-9 Tiger, Rocky 3-5 Metropolis, Warriors 1-0 Marin Fish, Sports Home 5-10 Rouvery G1, Sports Home 1-3 Cavalry G2, Jinyu 4-1 Space man, pirate 3-5 winemaker, white sock 2-0 royal, sailor 3-12 angel, national 4-1 priest, Dodge 7-2 giant.

Tampa Bay 9-2 Boston Red Sox (First)

On the second game, the three-person guns of Travis De Arnold made the light to lead, after 1, 2stro some people, Brandon Lowen’s play will be rewritten into 4 to 0. Second Bureau Lower Sam Travis’s sanctuary lets red socks break the scratches. The fifth bureau is reddably arrested to send his opponent. The eighth bureau, Jieky-Bradley, bombarded the moisture of Yangchun. The ninth bureau is connected in series to the Six-Bedroom.

The 13 points of the squadron will attack 9 points. Red Socks first pitched Smith 4 bureau lost 4 points.

Tampa Bay 1-5 Boston Red Sox (the second)

In the third place, in the case of 1, 2stro, Michael Chavez knocked out the second base to make red socks to get 2 to 0 lead, the fifth game, the second base of Heredia, let the rays rechage score. The fifth bureau is the high-flying sacrificial sacrifice of Bugos, and the reddock will expand the lead, the sixth game under Malco-Ernandez, the two-hit, and the victory will make red hose lock.

The whole team has a total of 10 actions, only one place, red socks, pitcher David – Prab 6, 10 vibrations, only lit 1 points, the 4th wins in the personal season.

New York Yangji 4-8 Cleveland Indians

The first bureau’s Di Di-Gregius knocked out two points of guns, the leader, the fourth game, the fourth game, the high-flying sacrificial sacrificed sacrificial sacrificed sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred score. The fifth bureau’s two-point cannon’s two-point cannon makes the Indians to get superior. The sixth bureau’s two-point guns and Paravi’s Yangchun can be rewritten into 7 to 2, the seventh game on Torres The second base is hitting and the high-flying sacrificial sacrifice of Yutura, but the eighth game under Palviki’s high flying sacrifice is at attack.

Yangji first pitcher CC-Shabuya 5 bureau lost 4 points, the third defeat next season, the Indians first picked up the Putu 6 bureau only lost 2 points to win the victory, the whole team 12 security will attack 8 Single efficiency is high.

Pittsburgh Pirate 3-5 Milwaukee

On the second bureau, Colin-Morade, two-point guns, the pirates, 5 to 0, the second game, the next Olando-Assia and Lorenzo, the sanctuary, the sanctuary, let the wineman pull the score. On the third bureau, Yash-Bell’s high-flying sacrifice assigned the piracy again, the third game, Muscas, the Yangchun cannon, makes the winemaker again score. In the fourth place, in the case of some people who have a point circle, Ryan Braun knocked out that the key to make a winemaker to get a superior, the eighth game Mannia’s Yangchun cannon attacked the insurance.

The pirates have someone else to have some people in the event of 7. The winemaker first pitched Zach-Davis 5 games throwing 3 points to win the season, 7 consecutive victories, cowshed 4 games 5 times, three vibrations were only knocked 1 支 打 no loss, Yash-Hendel took the season The first 15th rescue is successful.

Los Angeles Daoqi 7-2 San Francisco Giant Man

In the third game, there are 1, 2 bases, and the Cordi-Sigi knocks out of the security of the Dodge, the third bureau, the third bureau, the Yangchun cannon of Alami Garcia makes the giant to equalize the score, the fourth game Wan – Solano’s right time to make giants. The second base of the fifth game, Siki, the second base to make the Dodge, the sixth game Shang Justine – Turner’s high-flying sacrifice, the Dodi is again https://www.maillotsenligne.comleading. In the case of the eighth game, Marcos Mangsi and Justnet Turner were selected from the four-bad balls, and after the second base, the two collaboration of the Cordi-Sig, saved the victory.

Dodge first made a pitcher-Hill 5 bureau six times a three-vibrating lost 2 points, and the Siwig 4 was 4 points. Giants first pitcher Jeff Samaa 5.1 Location 3 points down next season.

Cincinnati 1-4 Philadelphia Philadelphians

The first game’s Suarez knocked out the double kill to let the team squeezed back to the first point, the first game, Bruce, Bruce, to make the Philadelphie’s anti-ratios. The fourth place, JT-Ryo Mourito’s Yangchun cannon allows Philadelres to expand the lead, the fifth bureau, the third base of Jiong. Segula, let the team lock the victory.

The red man first pitched Turner-Roac 5 games lost 4 points, the whole red person has someone else 7 play 1 play, Philadelphians first pitcher Nick-Piti Tower 9 times 6 times Senang Finished.

St. Louis Sapphire 4-9 Chicago Bear

The first bureau’s three-year gun and Harrison-Badel’s Yangchun and Harrison-Badel’s Yangchun can make the red scitch to achieve a 4-00 perfect opening, the first bureau’s goal is to the point of Tiez and the anattrace of Kanditreras. Site-in-line bear reduces points. The third game of the third bureau will turn into a score to turn the score into 3 to 4, the fourth game under the Yangchun shot score score. The sixth bureau, the next Victor-Kalanti and Shuvabo knocked out the second base, the bear completed the anti-super, the seventh game cleared the high-flying sacrifice to lock the victory.

The red scitch stroke is only 5 amps, and the bear is first picker Qiong – Leicester 6 bureau lost 4 points and still wins the victory, the whole team knocked out to play, Schwabers fell out of the 1st season 12 The home run.