MLB8 review: Guriel 8 points, blood wash, rock, Kanji single field


On August 8th, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Great League was 15 games. The results are as follows: Malinfish 2-7 metropolis, white socks 8-1 tigers, visitors 0-2 Indians, blue birds 4-3 light, Warriors 11-7 Shuangcheng, Rocky 3-14 space people, sports Home 1-10 Bear, Sapphire 1-2 Dodge, National 4-1 Giants, Rover 1-5 Indians (the second), Royal 4-4 socks (raining cancellation), Yangji 14-2 gold , Winemaker 8-3 pirates, priests 2-3 sailors, Philadelphians 1-6 snakes.

Malinfish 2-7 metropolis

1 The lower half Alonso sent two points, and the context will be taken 2-0. In the middle of the 2 game, Binchan Anattan helped macaris to returned 1 point. The second half of the 3rd game, Kong Formo hooked two-point gun, and the metropolis 4-1 kicked the score. The 6th games, half Anderson Yang Spring cannon let Marlin fish chase the second half of the 2-4.7 bureau, McNile and Kong Formo contribute two scores and Yangchun guns, Metropolis 7-2 locks the victory. In the end, most of the big will beat the Marin fish. Metropolitan will first send Matz maining 6.2 bureau, send 7K, and win the victory.

White socks 8-1 tiger

White Sox Team First, Nova, this competition 8, 0 lost, win the victory.

The first three games rely on McAn and Castillo’s second base and Kodor’s Yangchun, the Tiger https://www.maillotsenligne.comteam has achieved 3-0 lead. 5 bureaus, Abreu and McCana contribute to the second base to play and help the team 5-0 lead. Abreu sent it to the second base for the 6th game, helping the team 6-0 lead.

The 8 games are continuously in the middle of the white stockings, and finally Jimesnes and McAnnad contribute to the second base to help the white socks to have two points, 8-0. The tiger team recovered 1 point in the second half of the 9 bureau, but it has been unable to change the situation, and finally the white socks 8-1 wins the tiger team.

Ranger 0-2 Indians

The 7th Bureau is half-Santanana, and Ramirez will then take a two-point gun to help Indians will lead their lead. The score is finalized at 2-0, and the Indian team defeated the cavalry 2-0. The ride will send a pitcher Hurador’s main investment 7 game, send 5K. The Indian team first made a pitcher Pretaqi’s main investment 6 game and sent 7K. But both did not get a victory.

Blue bird 4-3 rays

4 bureaus, Little Gurier hosted the Yangchun gun to help the blue bird leaded. The 6 bureau is in the upper half.

The radians then revealed the counterattack, first in 8 bureaus, hit the ankle to recover 1 point, 9 bureaus Nino baked out two points to chase 3-4, but the Blue Bird team finally held the game. The radiance 3-4 is lost in the blue bird, and it has not reversed his opponent.

Warrior 11-7 Shuangcheng

The first game Warrior team is full, and the three-year-old spring cannon will be taken. 3 The second half of the warriors fills the package, Abirds and Donnerson have returned to the home base score, 6-0. Abornes helped the team to next city in the 6th game. 6 The second half of the second half of the city began to counterattack and chased 3 points in series. Subsequently, the Shuchun cannon and Kamor’s second base is playing, helping the Warriors to get 3 points, 11-3. The Shuangcheng team took 4 points in the second half of the 9 bureaus and Sano, but it has not been able to change the situation. The final warrior 11-7 defeated the double city.

Rocky 3-14 spaceman

Stouri 1 bureau, half of the Yangchun can help Lokki 1-0 lead. The second half of the 1st, Audi used the Yangchun gun to recover the score, followed by Giririer went out of three by guns, space people 4: 1 anti-ratios. 3 Half Half of the Gulier Erlo hook the team with a high flight to help the team. Arena uses home run to help Rocky recovery 2 points. The second half of the 4th Bureau, Burtley Anda helped the team to win 1 point, then the spaceman fills the package, Breggman is guaranteed to make the space first served 1 point, Gurier hits the second base, let the spaceman Three players scored, and the spaceman 10-2 is leading. Guriel 6 bureau hit the earth and helped the team a 1 point. 7 Board of Bun Legeman and Corea Ann Help the team get 1 point, the space people 14: 2 lock the victory. The final Space People’s home 14: 3 victory.

The spaceman first issued the 6th game of the Chi Chuan, sent 10K, and win the victory.

Sports home 1-10 bear

4 bureaus, from Olsen’s sacrifice, Help the sports team won 1 point. 4 The second half of the bear team launched counterattack, Bayz Ann hit the stalemate, then the bear team fills the package, Hap overtakes a full of guns to help the bear team 5: 1 lead.

5 bureaus, Bayz and contributed to the help team to win 1 point, Schwaibo then slammed three guns, the bear team 9: 1 lead.

Kalatini also helped the team in the second half of the 8 games to help the team again, and finally the worship team 10: 1 victory at home. This game, the bear team first sent the main investment 8 bureau, sent 7K, and won the victory.

Slim 1-2

6 The half of the Half Red Squad Auza gave a home run and helped the Red Squad 1-0 ahead. 9 bureaus, the brown squad is first tentabed to keep the Sigge, then pitched the trainee to go to the three bases, and let’s fight the team Martin to stand a lot of two different guns, the Dodge is final 2: 1 final 2: 1 final Rocque. This game of the pace of the game first sent a pitcher Fletie main investment 7 bureau, give the opponent 10K, but still there is no victory.

National 4-1 giant

In the middle of the 1st game, the National Team struck out of the team, helping Team You Tener scored 1-0 to score 1-0. In the upper half of the 3 game, the National Team has passed the hit and keeps the base, and Pala bazes the three-way gun to rewrite the score of 4-0. The giant team recovered 1 point in the nine-Germans, and finally defeated the giant. The National Team first sent a pitcher Rose main investment 6, sent 5K, and won the victory.

Ranger 1-5 Indians (second)

With Ramirez, the Indians took the lead in score in the 2nd game of 2nd games, and Rays was in the 7th game. The tour will recover 1 point in the 8th game by the Karhorn Yangchun. The second half of the 8th game, first, the three bases of Santana helped the team to divide the team, and the Puig also contributed to the points, and finally the strange hit the second base to help Ramirez returned to the homework, the Indian team Single alone has 3 points. In the end, the Indian team 5-1 defeated the cavalry, and one day double games defeated the opponent.

Royal 4-4 socks

3 games, Viloria hit anably to help the royal team 2-0 lead. JD-Martinez brought two points in the 4th game, and the red stockings team chased the score, 2-2. The Bogotz 5 bureau hits the far-reaching second base to beat, and the red stockings team 4-2 rebarrier. Subsequently, Mefield and Lopez were in the upper half of the 6 games and 7th games, and they were restored to 1 point, and the ratio was 4-4. When the competition is in the extended competition, it is canceled because it is raining.

Yangji 14-2 Jinyi

In the middle of the 4 game, Mebin Anate helps Yangji take the lead in score, then Kyle East Gang slammed the three-point artillery foundation 4-0. Mansini 4 bureaus helps Jinxi to recover 1 point with Yangchun.拉 subsequently contributed a two-point gun, 6-1.6 Board of Le Mei Yu and Jiaqi’an hit the team again, Eschera and Gardner used two different guns and rolls. Help the team 3 points, Yangji 11-1 leads.

The 9 bureau is in the upper half, Merbin and Kyle East Cang have brought the Yangchun cannon and two-point gun, and the branch is rewritten as 14-1. The final team is 14-2 great victory.舍拉 两 两 4 points, Kyle, East Cang, 5 points.

This game Yang Biece first sent Parsston’s main investment 6.2, sent 7K, and win the victory.

Brewers 8-3 pirate

1 bureau, half-day Pu, bombarded two different guns to help winemakers 2: 0 lead, Gamel 2 laminated to help the team 3: 0 lead. 3 games on Tomsian help the winemaker to get two points, 5-0. Stalins then helped pirates to recover 1 point with Yangchun. Subsequently, Lippo and Kane have used Yangchun cannon and to help winemakers three points and 8-1, and the pirate team seized two points in the lower half, but the wineman was still overcoming the pirate at 8-3.

Pride 2-3 sailor

In the middle of the 1st game, the small Titz slammed out the Yangchun cannon, the priest team 1-0 took the lead in score. The sailor team is in the second half, hit the Earth from Sigge to help Murret, 1-1. Subsequently, Sig is born in the lower half of the 4th game, and the sailor team 2-1 is higher than the score. The priest team hosted a lot of spring guns in the 6th game in 6 games, 2-2.8 The second half of Wo Garback was under the situation of a three-bit, hit the earth, the Star Smith took the opportunity. Back to this barrier score. The sailor team 3-2 re-superchard, the final sailor team 3-2 defeated the priest.

Philadelphians 1-6 Rattleson

The second half of the 3rd, Peralta contributes to beat, and the snake takes the lead in score. Then Escobal hit the sacrifice of high flying, the snake 2-0 leaded. The second half of the 4 bureau, Kelly contributed to the 1 point, then first pitched Gunball hit the sacrifice, the snake 4-0 leaded. The second half of the 8 games, Dai Sen knocked out to play, the national team was offset, so that the Amd scored. Subsequently, Malt is hits the snake and then 1 point, 6-0.9, Hai Haiyang Spring cannon helps the fee of the people to recover 1 point, and finally the snake 6-1 defeated the Philadelphians.