MLB6 Summary: Shuangcheng Polish Branch completely hits the snake snake sweeping red socks


Beijing time on April 6th, the US duty wand big alliance will fight 12 games, white socks 10-8 wins the water, Luoqui 6-10 is not enemy Daoqi, the saga 3-5 is more than the priest, the giant 2-5 is not enemy light Pirates 2-0 victory, Philadelphians 10-4 wins Shuangcheng, Indians 3-2 win blue bird, the
snake 15-8 broken red socks, Warriors 4-0 Marin fish, winemaker 13-10 bear, Space Man 3-2 Sportsmen, Angel 3-1 Cavalry.

White hose 10-8 sailor

Domingo-Santana’s first game, but the tend Ji’an – Moncada’s first step in the first half of the second game with two points, the second base, the branch, 3-1, against it. The sailor first sent a pitcher, the first two games were struggling, and the two games ended behind the waterfall.

However, the sailor did not give up, the sixth game Leon-Hili and Mickey-Harnig’s two two-purpose gun helped the sailor 8-6 to steal the lead, but the seventh place, the shortage of the sailor is full The base and no one out, and when it is backward, it is Monda’s two points to help the white socks to make the score again. In the second half of the eighth game, Tim Anderson made a spring spring gun to lock the score to 10-8, and the white socks finally won in such a downs and ups and downs.

Rocky 6-10 Dodge

The first half of the third bureau in Keli-Hig sent Russel Martin to help the Taoist Guest Nurse, but the next half of Noland – Arrecoto hit the ball to the left field to form a sacrifice, pitcher Taylor Anderson ran back to it.

Max-Mangsi hit the Yangchun cannon in the fourth game to make the Tao team leaded here, but the Dodge is not satisfied with a one-point leader, the fifth game is over, a second base is playing and three points. The gun will be expanded to 6-1.

Martin ushered in the first game in the sixth game, Mangxi hit the three-game strikes in the seventh place to continue to increase the damage, and the score has come to 9-1. At this time, Luoji team like a dream, Arena and Stori continued, and Storley hit the home run in the eighth ninth party, completed the single field, but due to previous disadvantages Too big, the Rociji team is finally at home 6-10 not enemy Daoqi.

Sapphire 3-5 priest

Paul Delong helped the Red Spitnts in the fourth game, but Hunts Lunfus helped the priests in the sixth game. Masel – Austrian time to play back Mat-Carpenter, the six games ended, the two sides became 2-2 flat.

The seventh game of the priest once again, and the small Titz is even the second home of his career. This is a two-point gun. The second half of the eighth bureau of Gold Schmidt also hit the home run, but it has no good thing, the final score is 4-5, the priest is victory.

Giants 2-5 light

The first bureau of the radiance laying, Brandon Luovou slammed out the far-reaching place, Cui Zhiwan, followed by Yang Di Diaz and Kevin Killam The home run, the giant pitcher Derrick Rodrigue is can’t take care of himself, the first game score is 0-4, the giant is backward.

The seventh place of the giant rely on two points, but it also does not help. The rays first pitched Taylor-Glasno 6 games 6 times a three-vibration did not lose, the final score was locked to 5-2, and the light was winning.

Pirate 2-0 red

This game is a pitcher war, the red man first sent a decline in Gray, 6.2 bureaus only released 3 safety, but also sent 7 times, Sanzhen only lost one point, but helpless pirate first SGrov played more excellent, 7 bureaus also released 3 security hits to send 8 three vibrators did not lose, the two sides played a total of 8 security, the first owners of the red people continued to be sluggish The performance, 9 counts are not hit. The final score 2-0, the pirate team won.

Philadelphie 10-4 Shuangcheng

Although Double City fails, the Polish Branch of his guerrillas completed the first full strike of this season, and he did 5 playing 5 playing in the game, but he helplessly sent a pitcher. Odoric a game. Full of 4 self-defeating, the Philadelphians ended the first game with a 5-0 score.

After the end of the five games, the Shuangcheng once again moved to nearly 4-7, and the seven games were completely blown, but the seventh place in the second half of Helicins faced the whole base, a family base Anhing to kill the game. Philadelphors finally won the home of 10-4.

Indians 3-2 blue bird

Kevin Prasvi, in the third half of the third game, the first bombard that he put on the Indian uniform was leading the team, but then yesterday in the ninth bureau to break the Indians ‘unlawful Garwes’ two points. Based on helping blue birds against the score. The Indians will also chase the score in color. The two sides will maintain the score of 2-2 to the ninth, the second half, Karlos Santana, and help the team to win.

This is not very ideal, and the two teams are not ideal. Total 7 pans, but they were 24 times.

Snake 15-8 socks

The game first scored first is the reddock team. Their third bureau first has to first, but the auditors of the rack of the snake will lose a one point.

After the fourth bureau Fourth game.

The snake did not stop the attack, and the 5th Bureau of the Fifth Bureau was able to hit the home, and the sixth game of Mart added, this is the second home base of his single game, and it is also full of guns. . The two sides of the next game opened the roar mode, Bates, Avila and Morade have hit the home run, because there are too many backwards, the last game of the red socks will send wild Hand Nuys, and finally redish 8-15 The defending champion continued to be sluggish.

Warriors 4-0 Marinfish

This is the first time in Gao Shmen, the first time in the season. He seven bodies were only hitting 2 security. 7 times.

Akunia fourth game has a two-pointed home run, Taylor Florez followed a spring spring gun, and finally Edberie’s second base is a half-bureau of Warriors. At the point of the offensive, 17 half of the two sides have only this halfway, the final score is 4-0, the warrior defends the same district weak journey.

Wildman 13-10 bear

The bears first pitched Jose – Jinshenna nuclear explosion, the first bureau fell to 2 points, and the second bureau did not suppress the players of winemaking, and even Braun hit a three-point home run. The third game is even throwing two home hits, the bear three games ended after the end of the game.

But they did not give up, four or five two games rely on a series of offensives and two home runs to be divided into nearly 5-8. However, the pitcher of the bear continues to dig the bearer, Little Edwards and Jinsler continue to be hammered by winemaking people, and the winemaker will pull the score to 13-5. Xiao Xiong Zhong will follow the counterattack. Black Ward also played the first season, but helplessly gaps were too big, the bear was eventually 10-13 defeat, and the record came to 1 win 6 defeat.

Space Man 3-2 Sports

Braggman and Lloyrino have helped their team scores, 1 to 1 flat, and the star two tour of the space man, Coreya’s season, helping space people again, Otti’s second base Anhing to lock the victory, the Ninth Bureau Lauren, from the Terminator of the Space, I’m tapping a point here, but it has not been supplemented, the final space person 3-2 wins.

Angel 3-1 visitors

The tournament pitcher Lin En 7 bureau pool only 2 points, but helpless team friends did not give power to swallow the first defeat.

The angels are in the third bureau, and the Avenue is then bombarded, and the fourth game has been equal to the score. The subsequent game time belongs to Turett, he hits the home base in the sixth bureau and the eighth game, single sound, a person who has a final victory with the team.

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