MLB6 review: Jiaqi double sound base 光 单 单 四 四 双 城 本本 创 打 record




On July 6th, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand League conducted a total of 13 games, as follows: Yangji 8-4 light, angel 5-4 space people, red stockings 9-6 tiger, Philadelow 7-2 Metropolitan, Visitors 6-15 Shuangcheng, Malinfish 0-1 Warriors, winemaker 7-6 pirates, Rocky 0-8 Route snake, priest 3-2 Dodge, Royal 7-4 National, Jinxi 4-1 Blue Bird, Sports home 5-2 sailors, sagny 9-4 giants.

New York Yangji 8-4 Tampa Bay

The first game, Alon Jaqi’s Yangchun, let Yangji take the lead in achieving leading, the fourth place, Nutt-Lowen’s Yangchun gun, makes the rays to equalize the score. In the fifth game, in the case of some people who have someone, Mike Tokeman knocked out that the key to let the Yangji once again achieved exceeded, the fifth game under Mike’s Yangchun. The seventh place, the two points of Kevin Kilamare, playing some play to make the radiance, but the eighth game is on Alon Hicks to stand the homer to fight the flat score. The 11th Bureau of the extended competition Alon Jaqi single field cannon, while Brett Gardner’s three-point gun makes Yangji lock victory.

Texas Ranger 6-15 Minnesota Shuangcheng

On the second game, Shangtang City took the Lead of the Alfitz Yangchun and Polish, 6 points, 6 points to achieve the perfect opening, the fourth game under the Marcos Cape Top, the fifth game, Natanon-Sense The two-point gun of Kup will be rewritten into 9 to 0. The seventh game of the upper reaches of the seventh game set off a counterattack, and the two-point guns in series and the autumn and the autumn will shrink to 4 points, but the seventh place, the second base of the Skipy’s home running and Sku’s second base is still stabilized. The final double city is great victorious in the home, and the top 165 of the all-star game has also set a record of the major alliance.

Baltimo Gold Of 4-1 Toronto Bluebird

The Second Council, the Yangchun cannon, the Yangchun cannon, let Jamaro take the lead, after you have someone who has someone else, will be rewritten into 2-0. Seventh Bureau Shredden – Dulu’s Yangchun cannon breaks the team to win, the ninth board of 2.3, with someone in the case, Davis’s security, let the team lock the victory.

Auckland Sports Home 5-2 Seattle Sailor

The first game JP-Claford’s high flight sacrifice to help the sailor take the lead in achieving leading, the third bureau, the Franklin-Balrero season, the first bombarding the sportsman equalize the score. The fifth game, Tom-Murphy, the spring cannon makes the sailor again, and the seventh game Shang Chris Davis’s security and opponent mistakes allows the sportswell to equalize the score. After that, La Razzano’s high flight sacrifice completed . The final ninth Council Shang Robie-Grosman’s second base is to let the sailor are unable to return to the day.

Kansas City Royal 7-4 Washington National

The first bureau Xia Ter Turner’s Yangchun cannon will make the national leader, the third game of Meng Dexi’s three-game, and Gordon’s sanctuary let the emperor reverse score. In the fifth game, there is someone who has someone else to make the royal expansion leader, Zimmerman knock out of the seventh and ninth game, Brian-Docho The security makes the nationals equalize the score in the ninth game. However, on the 11th game, Mendesi and Gordon once again jointly greeted the point, and finally the royal family won the victory.

Milwaukee Brewer 7-6 Pittsburgh Pirate

On the fourth game, hempians – Agah ‘s placement breaks the stalls, the seventh game is expanded in the seventh place. The seventh bureau’s undergail-Fraser’s point of view breaks the pirates, the eighth games and Piena’s home running score rewriting into 6-fold 1. The ninth bureau’s pirate launch counterattack, Josh – Bell’s three-year gun and Jiang Zhenghao’s Yangchun guns are tenacious, but unfortunately, the tenth game is on Lorenzo, Kane, and let the winemaker take away the victory.

Boston Red Socks 9-5 Detroit Tiger

On the first game, Bugosa’s todded to make red socks lead, the third game of Rafael Dewis’s two-point gun will be rewritten into 3 to 0. Fourth Council The second base is playing to make tigers to break the scratches, and the sixth bureau rely on Bradley’s second base to play 3 points. The sixth bureau also rely on the continuous security of the series to zoom in to 1 point, and the eighth game is brought out of the Bugosan seasons. Yangchun cannon becomes futile.

Philadelphia 30-2 New York Most

The first game of Rametcott-Golden’s home base made Philadelphore first lead, the fourth place in the next Pitt – Alonso’s Yangchun cannon, the fifth situation is the two-game power of Alonso. Most will complete the opposite. At the seventh place, in the case of some people who have someone, Sixka-Erran dest, the Anglai, gave the Philadelphia equalized the score. The Tour of the Ninth Bureau, the Tour of the Tourism, continuously, and the offensive of the single bureau also allowed them to take partition opponents on the road.

Miami Malinfish 0-1 Atlanta Warriors

Guo Liandong District is the main scene of the town, facing the bottom of the partition. The two sides will send a pitcher Yamoto – Jordan and Hu Rio-Tachran each picked up 6 games, there is no loss, the two sides entered the cowshed, after 2 hours and 28 minutes due to rain After the suspension, the ninth game of Bryan McCain’s goodbye to help the Warriors home to kill macarins.

Colorado, 0-8 Arizona Snake

The fourth game of the next Cristian-Walker allows the tail snake to take the lead, the fifth bureau, the second game of the Avila’s second base, the high flight sacrifice of Escoba will rewrite the score to 5 ratios 0, and the three-branch of the Walker Single Monitor Lock. Zanch Granzi 7th Bureau 9 times Sanzhen has no loss to win the 10th victory next season.

San Diego Priest 3-2 Los Angeles Daoqi

The third game of Shangjosmer’s second base is playing and Machado’s point to make the priest to win the priest, the third bureau, the bottom of the Chris Taylor, let the Dodge break the scorpion, the sixth game use Hosmer Passing the pockets. At the 8th Bureau, Hunt-Lunfe’s Yangchun cannons made a priest, and the final all-star pitcher Jeatn took the five out of the country to rescue successfully held the priest.

St. Louis Pull 9-4 San Francisco Giant Man

The first game Heynes-Martinez’s Yangchun cannon and Paul Gold Schmidt’s two-unit will make the red scitch to achieve a 3-0 perfect opening, the first game downloads the Crawford To the guarantee, Kevin Pilar’s security is reduced to 1 point, and the third bureau under the Alex-Dixi Yangchun cannon allows the giant to equalize the score. The fourth game on Tommy – Aidman’s three-games made the rickets again before, and then the fifth and seventh bureau of the fall, the ninth game, the ninth game, Dedkst – Foule’s Yangchun cannon The team locks the victory.