MLB31 daily view Frequency broadcast red socks vs Angel defending champion full impact external card seat


Beijing time on August 31st, 10:07, the Los Angeles Angel Team took the town angel stadium, and met the defending champion Boston Red Sox, which is the first game of the three series of competitions. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Battle review

Red Socks have recently taken 7 victories, but unfortunately, 72 wins and 62 negative records can only rankings in Meidian East, and there are 15.5 winners from the enemy New York Yangji. The fight against red socks is still strong, and the 134 games jointly attacked 774 points, only to the 791 points of Yangji (135 games).

Angel is very unsatisfactory, and the last 10 can only win 3 games. At present, 64 wins and 71 negative records are ranked fourth in the Melanie District. Distance to 13.5 winners, which actually bid farewell to this year. Match. The pitcher cannot control the loss, the total loss of 712 points, the total number of alliances, the team’s self-sharing rate is very unsatisfactory 5.04, the whole league seventh poor.

Game point

Red Socks are more than 5.0 games from the United States, and the situation of returning to the season is still quite severe. If you can’t get the supernaturality of the angel that is relatively weak, the red
socks are afraid to say goodbye to the playoffs this season.

First firing

Red Sox First Pointer: Naison – Jovaldi

The angel team first pitcher: Jose – Suarez

The hair pitcher of the red socks is served by Naison – Jovaldi. After the 29-year-old and right, after the end of July 2018, it was very good after the playoffs, and won red horses in the seasons, so they won the reddock complex year contract after the season. However, the performance of this season is very struggling, once lost in the red socks, the current round of the round value, the current starting 17 times included 6 times, only the 39.1 bureau, the self-sharing rate is embarrassing 6.64. He returned to the first round value two weeks ago, and it was cast two games, but he only insisted on the two games and three games, and a total of 7 points were lost.

And the angels sent a young pitcher Jose – Suarez served as award. This year, only 21-year-old Venezuela, I landed in the big alliance this year, 13 games included 12 times, record 2 wins and 5 defeat, self-sharing rate 6.67. His condition is as bad as about Waldi, and the last time I won the victory. I have to be traced back on June 15th. After that, I will swallow 4 times. His recent first-time is against the spaceman, and the voted 4.2 bureau has lost 3 points, and he undameled.

Focus star

Since the two ball seasons have sent the attack index to break the anti-day performance (2017 1.066, 2018 1.031), red stockmasters jd Martinez (JD Martinez) is relatively small in this quarter, but in fact He is still very powerful in this season. JD horse bombards the most 32-strokes of red socks, there are 87 points, 30% of the hits, attack index .963, these are the data of the top group of the league. He has been more exaggerated in recent performance, sweeping 4 bangs 12 points, hits 3% 70, and
the attack index is up to 1.253.

Angel Popular Star Daggah Chao Ping This season is unable to bear the role of TJ surgery, but he can make a bright eye contribution to the team as a designated blow. 95 out of the game 344 has 16 strikes and 54 points, and the hit rate is approximately 30%. 97. However, he recently seems to fall into the low tide of the home, and only two home bases in the last 30 games.