MLB29 Summary: The first angel of Shuangcheng Four-bidding partition, then seeing the home base


On July 29, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Alliance conducted 15 games, the results were as follows: Warriors 4-9 Philadelres, Ray 10-9 Blue Bird, Rocky 2-3 red, pirate 7-8 metropolis , 1-5 macarth fish, Dodge 4-11 National, Double City 11-1 million, Bear 11-4 winemaker, Indians 6-9 Royal, Space Man 6-2 Sapphire, Jinxi 4-5 Angel, Ranger 5-6 Sports Home, Giant 7-6 Pride, Tiger 2-3 Sailor, Yangji 9-6 Red Socks.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 11-1 Chicago White Socks

The two-point guns and Sano’s three-point guns on the first game will make the Shuangcheng 5 to 0. The fourth game of Shanguuzza’s second base and the second branch of the fifth game Sku will pull the difference to 9 points. The sixth bureau Xia Qiong-Jay’s toddler breaks the white socks to score, but the two-point guns on the eighth game let the double city re-exclusive partition.

Baltimore Gold Of 4-5 Los Angeles Angel

The second game, the two-point guns of the Matt Tes, the angels got a lead, Jonathan Vial broke the team to win the team, the fifth game is Viar and Mancini Anwing series plus angels offensive mistakes make Jinxi completed anti-super. The sixth bureau is in the next 650th, the homework is hitting the score, the ninth game, Matt – Tes, completes the single-standing murder.

Houston Space People 6-2 St. Louis Pull

On the first game, George – Springer Yangchun cannon make space people to lead, the third bureau, Jordan – Alvarez’s Yangchun cannon and the fifth game, Jose, Otti’s three-point gun It is 5 to 0. Sixth Bureau, the second game, the second base, let the red bird lead, the eighth game on Michael Brandhei’s second base to open the lead, the ninth bureau, Dakoste-Fon, Yangchun Reward the score, but the squad is still the final home.

Detroit Tiger 2-3 Seattle Sailor

The fourth game, Nick-Guadrum’s Yangchun cannon makes the tiger leading, the fifth game on Castro’s point will be rewritten into 2 to 0. The seventh place under the second base of Kyle Sig The sailor scored the rules, the eighth game under Domango-Santana’s Yangchun score score. The tenth game of the extended season JP-Crawford knocked out, let the sailor won the sailor.

San Francisco
Giant 7-6 San Diego Priest

The first game, Huncher’s high-flying sacrificial assortment priests got a leader, the second game of the second game, the two-game splendor, let the giants complete the anti-super. The third bureau’s three-point gun has completed the anti-superchard. Since then Donno – Sorano’s continuous security makes the giant completed the anti-super. The second base of the ninth game and the point of the point of Crawford, the ninth bureau, the two-way guns of Will Miles will shrink to 1 point, but unfortunately, the priest is still lost. giant.

Cleveland Indians 6-9 Kansas City Royal

The first game of Santana made the Indians made the perfect opening. The first game hit the hidden point of Hunter so that the Royal recovery fractal, the third game, the opponent’s gaze, let the royal slammed the score. The tenth game, the high-flying sacrifice of Mercahamo, let the Indians will lead again, the fifth bureau’s Yangchun cannon expanded. In the fifth place, in the case of someone who had a point, the royal continuous four-stand-alone is ready to reverse. On the sixth game, Holch Soller’s Yangchun cannon expanded, the eighth game Heye-Ramirez’s Yangchun can not change the results of the Indian losing.

Dezhou City 5-6 Auckland Sports

The third bureau undergasting the Bacus Ximeian’s Yangchun cannon breaks the stalls, the sixth game, Danny Santana and Nimal-Mazara’s Yangchun. The sixth game is checked – Pingdel’s second base is playing and opponents mistakes to make the player again lead, the eighth game Shang Mazara and Carlhorn continuously, the tour can make the cavalry again. In the ninth, the sports home relies on the score of Olsen’s tale, after which Davis is selected in the event of a full base.

Chicago Bear 11-4 Milwaukee

On the second bureau, Kyle Schwabar’s Shuville made the bear’s leader, the fourth game of the third bureau’s three-year gun completed twice. The fifth bureau, the next Piena and Jeregia s series let the winemaker attacked 3 points, the sixth bureau’s three-unit gun will be rewritten into 10 to 3, the eighth bureau’s second base is restored 1 point, but the Ninth Council’s point of Tutreras is still locking the victory.

Atlanta Warriors 4-9 Philadelphia Philadelphians

The first bureau under Bryce-Harper’s Yangchun can make Philadelres a leader, the third bureau’s undergamily-Hasli Yangchun cannon expanded. The fifth bureau JT-Ryo Mu Tour’s Seduching cannon make Philadeliers to achieve a 6-0 perfect opening. The seventh place gave the warriors to close the score for the San Spring of West Asia and Kama. The seventh place is in the two-point gun and the point of Hasri, and the Type of Hasli will lock the victory.

Tampa Bay 10-9 Toronto Bluebird

The Second Bureau, Jastein Sogch, Yangchun cannon and Ernand, the second base, let the blue bird lead, the third bureau, Ruier, Ruier, rely on the non-dead three-vibration, and Grero’s point Let the score becomes 4 to 0. The fifth game on Matt-Dafe’s point to break the light scorpion, the fifth game, the time, the time, the two-point guns in McKini turn into 8 to 1.

The sixth game of Demnowold and Luovi s series, let the rays shrink the difference, then Cui Zhiwan, Ered Dia and Adamus’s home running score. On the Ninth Council, Qiao Ye, Wen Del, let the light win the winning points.

Arizona Rattlesnake 1-5 Miami Manalin

The first bureau’s rice galle-Rojas’s Yangchun cannon makes the macaro to achieve the perfect opening, and the second game is on Alevrate-Avila’s point to pull the score snake. The fifth bureau down Ramirez relies on opponents to make Marlin fish lead, the sixth bureau, Brian Anderson’s Yangchun cannon and the seventh bureau’s two-point guns make Malin fish to lock the victory.

Colorado, 2-3 Cincinnati

In the case of some people who have some people in the second place, Jose – Iglesians and Barnhart’s sanitary series let the red people get 2 to 0 lead, the fifth game of Shangdel Alonso’s two-point gun Raise the score. The sixth bureau’s top Barnhart’s point of rewards the red man hits the opponent.

Pittsburgh Pirate 7-8 New York Most

The first bureau’s two-point guns in Michael Comnto have opened up the attempts of the Metropolis, and the union of the continuous skewers of the joint attack 6 points. The Yangchun cannon in the third game breaks the pirates. Since then, Stutin and Kabrera’s two-pointed pirates are small to 3 points. The sixth game is appended from the champion of opponents. The two branches of Shang Renoz and Otus make pirates to see the hopes, but unfortunately, it is not a big pirate or not.

Los Angeles Daoqi 4-11 Washington National

The fifth game on Matt Betty’s second base is playing the deadlock, the fifth bureau, Brajan-Duke’s two-point guns and Lunnden’s point to make the people’s anti-ratios. In the sixth game, the national union will then go down 4 points to lock the victory, and the eighth game has a point in the situation. Someone is tapped out in the right time, Juan Syno also Two-point gun, the ninth bureau, the three-year gun in Siki, only recovered some face.