MLB26 Summary: Kruz single field bombardment retreat white socks red socks home great win


On July 26, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted a 9 game.The results are as follows: The priest 0-4 metropolitan, Luoji 6-3 pirates, Rocky 8-7 National, Yangji 3-19 socks, Shuangcheng 10-3 white socks, visitors 11-3 sportswate, Tiger 2-10 Sailor, Indians 5-4 Royal (14 bureaus), Jinxi 10-8 Angel (16 bureaus).

San Diego priest 0-4 New York Most

In the second half of the first place, the big capital will use the priest first, the state of the pitcher is unstable, continuously hit the base, Ramos knocked out the sacrifice of the high flying ball first, then Fraser and Converto successfully hit a pointIn the first game, the big capital will take the lead in attacking the four points; after the game, the priest is unable to break through the defense line of Degroma and Metropolis;Metropolitan will first picked up the seven games of De Grom, and the strong performance will take the sixth game in this season.

St. Louis Palch 6-3 Pittsburgh Pirates

At the beginning of the game, Martinene knocked out a place with a point of place, and took the lead in helping the Red Tit to break the deadlock, then Delong knocked out the sacrifice of high flying play for the red scitch to expand the leading advantage. In the second half of the third bureau, Renault sacrificed high futures sent back to teammates to win the first point of the game.

In the upper half of the four games, Gord Schmidt and Kilton – Wang first opened the ramp to retrieve the score; then F Woller also knocked out a river spring gun. In the second half of the six games, Mart and Morgan have resembled scores for pirates, and constantly narrows the difference in competition. In the Nine Bureau, the red scitch won the competition with 6-3 hand.

Colorado, 8-7 Washington,

In the fourth place, McMimang knocked out the pioneer with the point of view, the first score of Rocky, Hampton took out a two-point gun to expand the competition; the fifth bureau, the second half, Lun On the ground, a large three-year gun has flattered score for the nationals.

In the upper half of the sixth game, McMamo once again returned the score for Rocky, a two-point gun helped the team again got a leading advantage; the second half, Pala and Turner knocked out to be a national retrieval The score is anti-ratiographic; the seven games, Adams is open, expanding the leading advantages of the nationals. Subsequently, Murphy and Dayersmond were once helped to help Rocky. At the critical moment, Murphy knocked out the wild rolling earth and sent back to the teammates and won the winning points of the game. In the end, Luoki 8-7 victims live.

New York Yangji 3-19 Boston Red Socks

“Fine Sock Wars” will never be disappointed with fans. At the beginning of the game, the red socks walked in series, continuously resembling the score, Borgs knocked out the large three-point gun to help the team’s first game is seven points; the second bureau is in the upper half, Torres knocked out with some points Anwing for the Yangji, then Le Me is closed, and the teammates who squeeze the three bases will then come back to the Yangji.

In the second half of the fourth place, Dres bombarded the Yangchun gun, and the line was again connected back to five points; the first half of the fifth bureau, Donggang slammed the Yangchun gun as Yangji shrinks. Subsequently, Benneuti, Chavez made a score for red socks, leaving the score again, Leo and Borgz once again rewriting the score; the nine bureaus ended, Yangji 3-19 defeated red socks.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 10-3 Chicago White Socks

At the beginning of the game, Cruz opened, and a Yangchun cannon took the lead in the double city; the second bureau, the second bureau, Moncadad bombarded the Yangchun shot. In the upper half of the three games, Cruz once again opened again, and the two cannons helped the double city to reach the leading advantage; Subsequently, Kruz, Kruz once again slammed a two-point gun.

In the second half of the five games, Garcia knocked out to help the white socks reached the score of the score; the six bureaus, Sano baked out two-point gun, Poland Known out of the actions to help the double city to expand the leading advantage; In the second half of the six games, Reide knocked out the sacrifice of high-speed ball to send back to the teammates, and white socks took a point. In the end, Shuangcheng defeated white socks with a hot Cruz 10-3.

Texas Cavalry 11-3 Auckland Sports

In the second half of the next game, Lloyro knocked out a point of view with a point of view, the first thing to retrieve the score; then Davis knocked out the sacrifice of the high flying to send back the team friend again. In the middle of the fifth game, the ride line walked continuously, and the fraction of the fractal of tandem, and the union of the five-point anti-ratios. In the middle of the six games, the autumn and trip will add a leading advantage for the tourist soldier. Subsequently, Santana knocked out the larger than the large number of full four points; Kabreirajin added a flower, knocked out to the teammate. Finally, the tourist soldiers 11-3 victory at home.

Detroit Tiger 2-10 Seattle Sailor

In the upper half of the third game, Hicks hooked out of the spring gun to break the deadlock, and took the lead in laying the score for the tiger; the second half of the three games, the sailor line is skewer back to one point to chase the score, Beckham knocks out the large number The rebetle of the army is reserved. Subsequently, the sailor wart is connected in series; the upper half of the five games, Candelio knocks out to lay the score for the tiger, five bureaus, Signs, Wigrbak knocks out to expand the leading advantage again Since then, the tiger string is pressed by the sailor, and it has not completed the catch. In the end, the Tiger 2-10 does not have the sailor.

Cleveland Indians 5-4 Kansas Royal (14 bureaus)

In the first half of the game, Lin Duo took the lead, a Yangchun cannon to win the leader for the Indians; then, Dozir slammed the two-point gun to help the Royal Admiral. In the upper half of the six games, Qipnis knocked out to send back to the team friend, and Ramirez used the Royal Defense to run back to the home, once again reversed. In the second half of the six games, Merfield was squeezed back to a hit, the nine bureau battles, and the two sides.

Entering the extension bureau, Ramirez bombards the stalemate of the spring gun, then Balls knocked out the fractal score, the Indians reached the leading advantage; the second half of the fourteen, Saore, Sacred sacrificed high-speed ball Teammates reduce the difference. The royal follow-up line was pressed by the Indian people, and finally, the Indian 5-4 victory victory.

Baltimore Gold Wide 10-8 Los Angeles Angel (16 bureaus)

In the second half of the game, Turett took the high-flying sacrifice of Opton to take the home base to take the score for the angel. In the fourth game, Santander knocked out the home with the point of view, and the teammates who were todded for Jinjian, and then, Nounez added another Changan to send back to the ultra-forth, Jinji Biography.

In the second half of the seventh place, Carlorn’s Changan fell back three points, and the angels were over-leading the lead; the upper half of the eight games, Smith knocked out the high flight sacrifice to send back to the teammates, Wilkenson Anattan. Enter the top half of the nine games, Mansini knocked out the Yangchun cannon for the golden reversal competition; the second half of the nine bureaus, the angel Garden opened, a sun spring gun chased the score. At the end of the Nine Bureau, between the two sides 5-5.

Entering the extension bureau, the two sides are constantly pressing the other party, the competition goes to the 15th game, Jinyu ushered in a good opportunity, and the one-third base has two bureaus, Peterson knocks out a Changan to send back to the forefront, Erbe Toyan adds another point. In the second half of the 15th game, the angel strikes to hold the golden homework, the pitcher is unstable, and the selection will be selected to keep the package.

At the crucial moment of Turett, a left outer country was sent back to the flat, and the game was again returned to the same running line. In the first half of the 16th game, Viar knocked out the winning home base with advanced points, and finally the Jangyu 10-8 away from the angel.