MLB20 review – The first bombard of the Black Mount Season Goodbye again


MLB routine game fierce battle

MLB routine game fierce battle

On April 20th, Beijing time, a total of 15 games, two of which were canceled because of weather reasons, the specific competition is as follows: Dodge 5-3 winemaker, blue bird 5-1 sportsman, giant 1-4 pirate , Royal 2-6 Yangji, National 2-3 Marin Fish, Red Sox 6-4 Ray, White Socks 7-3 Tiger, Space Man 7-2 Cavalry, Metropolitan 5-4 Slim, Red 3- 2 priests, snakes 1-5 bear, Philadelphians 3-4 Rocky, sailor and angel, Warriors and Indians canceled.

Blue Bird 5-1 sportsman

The three bases of the sights opened the situation in the first game. In the middle of the second game, the sportsist suffered a fight against the blue bird, and lost 4 points. The leading situation has not exceeded one game, and there is 4 points behind, and the blue bird 4-1 is leading. In the fourth place, Drui stared a home run, and the score came to 5-1. The last few games have not been rewritten, the blue bird wins.

Giants 1-4 pirate

The giant ace pitcher Bonam Gana will suffer, Sevi uses the second base to play back Jiang Zhenghao and Bell, pirate accounting, 0-2; then, Rayyes knock out the left outer field Seville ran back home score, 0-3; The pirates of this Council have not ended, JB-Shu’s leadership beats to make pirates 1 point, Bonam Gan’s first bureau is 4 points.

In the first half of the eighth game, the giant could get a score, Bo Xi’an playing point, Sarat scores, 1-4; the final score is maintained at 1-4, the giant is responsible for pirates.

Royal 2-6 Yangji

The second game of the game CC-Shabiese season first shouted, won the first winning investment, this game was over 5.0 games to send 5 three-oscillated 4 times, lost 1 point. The first thing to score is the royal, the third game is half-Mondi, and the land is sent back to the first minute. The third bureau is in the lower half of Kirkadad, branches two-point gun, Yangji, 1-2; the second half, Tokeman knocks out the Yangchun cannon, 1-3; Sixth, half, Gordon The second base is hits the royal chasing 1 point, 2-3.

However, the next game belongs to Yangji, in the sixth bureau, the seventh game, and attacked 3 points respectively, and finally wins, the series is 1 to 1 flat.

National 2-3 Marinfish

Although the national will bear, it is the first to score. In the first place, the first base of Sodo will send it back to the home base, 1-0. In the second half, Marin fish rely on the preparation of the Qi Shanman’s gavel, 1-1. Points have been maintained at the upper half of the sixth game, Prado selected four bad balls, squeezed back 1 point, 1-2; Grannderson was sent to the ball, the national single bureau sent two outbound storage, The score came to 1-3.

In the seventh place, Dozir slammed the top of the left and fly, the national recovered 1 point, but finally did not score again, regret to defeat.

Red stockings 6-4 rays

Red socks grab the valuable victory in the rays, the second half is the first to score, and Luovou bombarded the spring gun, leading the lead. In the third bureau, Garcia knocked out of the three bases, 1 point, 0-2; the fifth bureau, Dewez 2,0- Qusse then brought two points, red stockings reversed scores, 3-2.

In the upper half of the sixth game, JD-Martinnes knocked out the Chinese and foreign wild flights, Bates ran back to score, 4-2; then Robertson’s second base is playing and helps rays, 4-4; eighth game Bates stabbed home, red socks again, 5-4; Morad also contributed home to play, and finally scored in 6-4, and socks won.

White Socks 7-3 Tiger

At the beginning of the game, Moncada and Harrison each branched the Yangchun, 1-1. In the fifth game, Mondada was sent to the split score, and the white hose 2-1 leaded. In the second half of the seventh place, the white socks ushered in the large branch, Garcia, Abreu, Alonso, and Alonso’s continuous security to get 5 points, leading 7-1. Since then, the tiger will recover 2 points through the two home runs, but it will eventually lose the ball later.

Space Man 7-2 Rouvery

The first Outuvi bombarded the eighth volume of the season, two points allowed the space man to occupy the first, 2-0; followed by Bregman Yangchun, 1 point, 3-0; the second game is also Austrian The attachment of Figure 10 is the fourth minute. The second game of Correya, Gurier and Springer, the second base, the spaceman, 7-0, leading the leader.

The second bureau and the second half of the ninth bureau, the rider finally scored, Santana and Calor’s home belongings finally came to 7-2.

Metropolis 5-4 Sapphire

In the upper half of the first game, he got 2 points by continuous attachment, then two games, Kano’s hitting and Rolmes rolling earth helping the team scored again, 4-0 leading.

In the second half of the fourth place, Martinez slammed the home run, the red ramp recovered 1 point, 4-1; the sixth bureau, Alonso slammed the 7th project of the season, and the big will expand the leading advantage In the second half of the sixth bureau, Thomas’ s highlights passed the referee, changed the previous penalties to become two-point gun, 5-3. The eighth submarine rickets were chased again, but the score of 5-4 was still maintained at the final, and he won the victory.

Philadelphie 3-4 Rocky

Philadelphrons are not particularly ideal, and this game has been refined by Rocky, and there are two joints, and there are nearly 10 games to lose 6 games. The first game of Philadelphia was sent back to the Huoskins, and the Philadelphie was leading. In the fifth game, Leayal Mutu flying sacrificed to send back Haper, 2-0.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Rocky began counterattack, Stoliyang spring cannons will be divesed into 2-1; Hampton Gaofei second bases help the team chasing the score, 2-2. The competition entered the prolonged competition, the second half of the twelfth game, and the strong second base of Harper made Philadelphie to get preferred, 3-2, seems to see the victory. However, in the second half of the twelfth, the Terminator Nikasio first passed Waters. In the case of the two games, the first home base of the season was hit by Black, the same, goodbye, Luo Base thrilling reversal wins.