MLB Warrior Teire Akania apologized for negative running Both: no more committing again in the future


(文 / ESPN) Warrior Team Little Akunia is in the first playoffs of the Red Squad, because running is not active, many disputes and criticism. However, after 3-0 defeating the red tones, the big score is equal to 1-1, and the Little Okia is telling the ESPN reporter, and the behavior in the game is unacceptable.

Little Akunia told Espn Reporter Rojas: “Yesterday is a difficult day, because you have made people can’t accept things, that is, there is no (active) running, this kind of thing has happened twice. This kind of thing is completely unacceptable for children who support my fans and to see the ball. Anyone should not let this happen. “

Little Akunia also said that he has communicated this in the coach and teammates and apologizes to them. I don’t do anything you should do, so you should apologize to all people who are offending like him like a gentleman. The warrior coach Stenik said that Xiaojiakia guaranteed to him that this kind of thing would not continue to happen on him, including the playoffs, regular season, and a spring training.

We can see that the second game of the Hashque team has changed significantly. In the second half of the bureau, when his rolls were confiscated by the other party’s three bases Tommy – Edman, he still sprint, almost in the hands of safety. The second half of the 7th game, he hit the attachment near the three-speed line, and then he also hit his sprint to ensure that he can go to the second base, and finally he has succeeded. This change allows the Warriors’ fans that are very happy, including the warrior coach Stenk.

Stri said that the conversation after the game is positive, although he is not the first time to commit such mistakes, but his inner hope is to let me give up him. However, I will not give up on him because of this, I will do my best to support him. We all know the environment we have, and responsibility to shoulder. At the time of August, Xiaoxia was replaced in the game by Sternk by Sternk by Sternke.

In the first game of the playoffs and the Red Squad, Xiakugania took the pitcher to save the red seda in the lower half of the 7th game, John Brebia knocked out a long, responsible for the direction of the right foreign country. When the preparation of the preparation of Farm, Foule was ready to turn to the wilder, Xiaoxia had already went to the wilderness, but he did not go to the second base. Under normal circumstances, his speed is Rushing the second base.

Although in that game, Kakania 3 is playing, 2 hits, still running 1 point, but the Warriors lost the game after all, hit the outstanding mask could not run the incompetent shortcomings. At that time, the Warriors 3-1 led the red tones. If the small Akunia can go to the second base, the Warriors will be able to take a division in the lower half of the game, and the results will be different.

After the game, the Warriors stars Fremiman said that Xiaokania’s move was frustrated, accused him to repeat the previous mistakes, and asked him to recognize that this behavior is a mistake. This kind of thing should not happen in the playoffs and regular season, but it happened tonight. Another player A Biels also said that if Little Akunia is in the second base, the Warriors may take a score, he also reminds Kudana, it is necessary to realize this is an important thing, he needs Know what you can do better.

The head coach Stenik also said that Xiaojia should rush two-bar, and now people don’t have much manner, and it is unable to take measures to this behavior, but he is not willing to see this kind of thing to continue.

After the game, Xiaojiacian said in an interview that he has made the greatest effort, and any player has a mistake, but if he gives yourself a chance, he will choose the second base.