MLB wants to effect the NBA into the sports gaming industry, are they really not afraid of the fake ball?


American sports gaming industry developed

American sports gaming industry developed

Text / Gao Xin

In the United States, the sports Boai is very developed, and all kinds of sports alliances can see the figures of the fireworks, this is not, the Great Alliance also wants to divide a piece. Recently, MLB executives believe that casinos need to pay MLB 0.25% income. MLB regular games, there are 162 games per season, is the largest alliance in the four major leagues in North America, of course, the weight of the sports gaming industry is a huge mine.

According to statistics, the MLB regular session is the first thrown in the last ten years. At the same time, the two versators of the session in the playoffs were swept out of the session, and the other two scores were also 3 to 1, and the revenue was affected by the game. Therefore, the big alliance finds the way to create income is inevitable. However, the relationship between sports and gambling, once the use is not good, it will be likely to seriously affect its brand value, is the way to survive? Still a step chess? Maybe it is between it.

MLB high galles, MLB, or will enter the sports gaming industry

MLB high galles, MLB, or will enter the sports gaming industry

Background: The United States gambling ban was revoked

Recently, MLB executives, Kenny Gors, said in a top trade show in Las Vegas, the gaming industry should be enforced to purchase data from the event alliance for setting an odds. If the gaming company is able to pay a profit of the league, they should pay the patent usage fee for the league. MLB believes that the current baseball gambling can not help gaming companies gather more consumers, because only those hardcore gamblers will be interested, MLB can help them change this status quo.

The reason why MLB makes this judgment is based on the current era. The US Supreme Court has made a ruling in May this year, allowing states to have legitimate sports betting like Nevada, and believe that sports gaming in the United States is against the Constitution. .

The Supreme Court’s revocation of the ban is “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act,” As early as in June 1991, the US Senate Judicial Subcommittee for patents, copyright, trademark team on sports betting issues Just a public hearing, they found that “sports gambling has become the whole American issue. Its hazards have spread to those exempt.

Before NBA President David - Stern

Before NBA President David – Stern

Before NBA President David – Stern once obviously gambling, “Sports Gaming’s integral communication should cause the focus of the federal legislation.” Based on the above testimony and discovery, the Congress will exercise the powers under the commercial terms, promulgated in 1992 The Senate Article 474 Act “Occupation and Amateur Sports Protection Act”. The bill passed 1992, except for sports gaming in the United States, except for minorities (Oregon, Drava and Montana).

In 2011, New Jersey was invested in the National Rehabilitation and issued a decree in 2014 to allow sports gaming to legalize. The four major professional leagues NFL, MLB, NBA, NBA, NHL, desperately stopping the gambling industry from spreading outside Nevada, so they are with the New Jersey. After many years of lawsuits, the Supreme Court lifted the national sports betting ban with the results of 7 to 2, and New Jersey laughed at the end. “Just like a Congress that has no right to enact a state council to give a laws of sports gaming, they can’t let the state councils restrict the laws of sports betting legalization.” Judge Sam Ali Toro expounded his point of view .

After the bill revoked, the Supreme Court opened green lights on any state’s sports gaming. Ells & Kraysk Event Research Company executive Chris Gruf said that sports betting is legalized in the United States, absorbing $ 300 billion in funds per year (compared to the capital of the casino is still more than sports. The funds of gaming are 4 to 5 times).

In fact, not everyone is in favor of relieving this ban. The gambling consultant Anny Victor has been in Donald Trump’s Atlantic City Casino Operations Responsibility Gaming Plan for 6 years, and he believes that people who commit the gambling addiction suddenly increase. “Some people who have been illegal because gambling, have not been involved in gambling now.” He said, “The worst result is that this will become a real disaster.”

NFL will resist in the end

On September 27 this year, NFL proposed a program of adjusting sports gaming in the House Justice Committee, and the House Judicial Committee was responsible for reviewing the relevant cases of the Supreme Court in the United States. NFL wants to participate in sports betting ban in adolescents under the age of 21. They are eager to ban the current “some gaming in the competition”, such as single-section score or the number of races of the referee, because these “extremely easy to match”.

In order to prevent the team from gambling, NFL also wants to ban gaming companies from accepting bets from athletes, coaches, referers, team employees and related trade unions. In addition, NFL also wants to ban gaming companies from using their logo, marks and other intellectual property rights without league permit.

NFL is clearly opposed to participate in the gaming industry

NFL is clearly opposed to participate in the gaming industry

In addition to NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL also supported the federal adjustment of sports gambling. Joe Silin Moore, Executive Vice President: “Lack of continued guidance and monitoring of federal continued, and we are very worried that the uniforms of sports league and the state government cannot fully protect sports competition.”

However, the American Gaming Association, AGA is strongly opposed to any adjustment, and they oppose the information that is forced from the league. “Real-time information is set for odds for sports gaming companies and is very important in industry competition.” Slen said, “If the information is delayed or flaw, even for a few seconds, the sports gaming company will suffer serious losses.
“AGA also opposes the sport alliance to restrict its gambling form, and called” there will be adverse consequences and there is no need. “

AGA is pointed out in Naha, Naha, China, and Nevada’s league has the right to require state gambling committees to restrict the state team gamble, and the state league has not used this power in the past 10 years. At the same time, the President Harris, chairman of the Nevada Gambling Control Committee, warned that the legitimate sports betting strong spending will make illegal gambling more attractive.

Poor thinking MLB enters the gaming industry?

While NFL against the revocation of PASPA, NBA took the lead in receiving legitimate sports gambling and received a large amount of money. Before the National Sports Gaming Legalization, NBA wanted to collect 1% of the bet involved in NBA. Silva, the NBA President, has also been treated, which is to use the relevant gambling data.

On August 1 this year, NBA became the first professional league in the United States to reach a contract with sports gaming companies. They reached a contract with a total of $ 25 million in a 3-year worth 25 million US dollars with MGM Resorts International (MGM). MGM will be able to use NBA and WNBA data and use a league logo on its gaming products, including APPs and competition highlights. $ 25 million for NBA’s professional sports alliances, but this is a beginning, there will be more gaming companies successively emulate.

Gaming company NBA cooperation

Gaming company NBA cooperation

MLB ranks have a first downtime in the racket last 10 years, and the decline reaches 4.2%. And according to the latest survey, the average age of TV viewers watching the MLB competition has reached 57 years old, which is the highest age in professional sports, only 7% of the audience below 18 years old. MLB’s fiscal revenue faces problems in the current still in the future. If the development is developed according to this momentum, its status is likely to be overtaked by the back of NBA.

After NBA, NBA has signed a TV broadcast contract with ESPN and Turner Sports for 9 years, and its recent revenue has continued to rise, and the average salary of the players is the first of the four major professional league. According to 2017, NBA has average salary of $ 7.1 million, with an average salary of MLB, $ 3.1 million in NHL, with an average salary of NFL $ 2.7 million. Of course, only 12 of the NBA teams are one of the important reasons, but this phenomenon makes the players of other leagues. Therefore, MLB increases fiscal revenue, and the player is the most urgent thing.

In the large environment of the full-US sports betting legalization, the NFL of the wealthy rough looks to continue to resist, and the next show NBA will oppose one of the money. MLB speaking at this time, on the one hand, the strength of the NBA did not rely on the strength of the NBA, and started thinking about the idea of ??the NBA.

Don’t forget that MLB of each team’s single season 162 games is definitely the giant mine in sports gaming industry, compared to 16 of NFL, 82 games in NBA and NHL, MLB’s gaming market has long lasting long-term This is also an important chip of MLB’s future negotiations. 0.25% of the “patented use fee” is a bit high, but the truth of “the price of the sky is still paying attention to”.

Of course, NFL’s resistance also has their truth. Once the player or team is involved, the value of the league will be greatly discounted. As the NFL of the United States, they don’t have to take this insurance. The NBA is different, and they promote the position of the world, only the third in the United States, will never meet them, and enter the gambling is a risk trick, but it is necessary to try. MLB sandwiched between NFL and NBA needs to be weighed, coupons or dungees only between one thought.