MLB re-abiding in the family violence policy, the Philadelphia people’s owner, Erel, 85 games


The MLB Great League Great League Philadelphia People Hand Odu Bell Erera (Odubel Herrera) has been involved in scandals because of the violation of MLB’s domestic violence, Erera is accused of sexual violations and child abuse. Today, MLB officially opened a ticket, Erela will ban 85 games.

Erera said he would not appeal. His suspension stop will start from June 24th, and 85 regular competitions are already iron to be able to play. If Philadelres will be in the season this year, Erera can’t be unveiled in the playoffs.

“After reviewing all available evidence, the aesthetic bar MLB concluded that Mr. Erela violates the terms of domestic violence and should be suspended, which means that 2019 regular Erela is no longer playing.” MLB https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comPresident Rob – Manfield wrote in the official statement in this morning.

Beijing time on Thursday, the New Jersey Atlantic City Court held a hearing, which was revoked for domestic violence in Erera. A state prosecutor told reporters that Erela’s girlfriend did not want to continue to handle the case, so decided to revoke the prosecution.

As the condition of revocation, Erera is required to complete the courtwork consulting service within 60 days.

On May 27th, Erera was accused of attacking girlfriend behavior in Golden Block Hotel in Atlantic City. According to the court staff, Erera’s girlfriend has been obviously injured after being beaten.

The 27-year-old Erelari has always been the Chinese and foreign wilder hand in Philadelphians. He also accused of committing deliberate injuries. After being arrested, Erela is placed directly by MLB in a list of administrative issues. Because of the outer level, Erela has not been played for Philaders since May 26th.

Philadelphians also published a statement this morning: “All domestic violence is unacceptable. We express MLB to prevent the efforts to prevent family events. Odu Belle is also said that he is willing to learn lessons and change the future We are gratified here. “