MLB playoffs Melan Championship Red Socks Adecentricle


Beijing time October 14th, the MLB playoff finals kicked off, sitting on the first victory of the League, the defending champion spaceman. The red socks sent a king Le Zuo Kris Saier, and the space team sent ahead of Tiger Wang Vilan. The picture shows the reddings team first pitcher Chris Saier.

Willand took the weight of the heavy pressure, and the game was thrown into the tiger and tiger, and the ball speed was 96 miles.

Chris Saier said today, the ball is unstable, and the spaceman catcher Martin-Maldono is hit by the body after hitting the body.

Spaceman Springs grab Chris Saier today’s ball is unstable, and it is playing two points in time.

Spaceman guerrillas Carlos Kria completed high-risk happiness. Johi is no longer a problem for Koria for a gold glove.

Corra Seeing today’s state is not good today to replace the cowshed general Joe – Kelly, but unfortunately Kelly 100 miles of fireballs not only have tentabed balls but also beat it.

At the critical moment, the elderly Steve Pierce stood up. He first played out to play back to the team’s score.