MLB-Levou Krin again Dao Kexing national 6-0 zero


On May 10th, Beijing time, Los Angeles Daoqi ushered in the new series of opponents in Washington, China. The nationals have just encountered four losses, and the Dodge swept the warrior. However, in the main court, the status is full, the line is completely blocked, and the nationals show a good condition, 6 points of the three games, and finally the 6-0 victory in the country of the country, the end of the year defeat.

Zuo Dou Kurto 7 bureau sent 8 three vibrations

Zuo Dou Kurto 7 bureau sent 8 three vibrations

[Data Highlight]

KFRK 5 played 2 points of action 4 points, Lunnden 2, run back to 2 points, Corbin 7, 8 times, Zhenzheng 0.

[Competition process]

KFRK hits three-breaknation early early early

KFRK hits three-breaknation early early early

In the first place, Hill was chaotic. Eaton’s first rolling is hitting the rolling land of the Chinese and foreign wild, the national has won a good situation; Robrez waves the air to be sent by Zhenzhen, and Linden is checked by the tentarelette, then Eaton has successfully arrived to the third base; KFRK knocks out three-component gun, and uses the sixth volume of the season to help the national first leading advantage, 3-0.

The national strong investment of Korbin sent 4 three vibrations, and did not hit it. His antennaless play has been maintained in the fourth place. First, the four-bad balls will be paid by Berinjan, and then he is hit by Fritz, there is no one, and there is a party; Mangxi will then be Sanzhen, West Gymo is selected to keep the box; however, Taylor’s double killed the Dodge’s score opportunity.

Hill is poor, 5 losses and 3 points

Hill is poor, 5 losses and 3 points

Dodge first made a pitcher Hill in 5 bureaus, was hit by 5 security to lose 3 points, and 5 triprase, there were 2 guarantees. However, the previous hot Dodge line is completely suppressed, and the career can contribute excellent performance to Krin. At this point, the 7.0 bureau only hits 3 safety, send 8 three-vibration, just Press slightly more, 4 times, but does not hinder his zero opponent.

In the first half of the eighth game, the Dodge won the pitcher, Florlow debut, Turner passed the ball mistake to let Robrez homework; Tennden knocked out the second base to play, forming two or three bases; KFRK’s first base is accompanied by The score is again rewritten again, 4-0; Dorel has been raised by the Sanzhen, the Gomez rolls out, but the point is successful, the national expansion advantage, 5-0.

Muncy helplessly lost the ball after being frustrated after three

Muncy helplessly lost the ball after being frustrated after three

In the second half of the eighth, Turner and Beilinjie have hit a hit, when there is two or three bases in the two bureaus, Mangxi debuted, the national will replace the Terminator Dulitel, Mangxi is three balls Three vibrations, the four players received in this game were received.

In the first half of the ninth game, the
nationals played out the situation of unattended, but Dodge only allowed the opponent to get 1 point, and then entered the last half. The second half of the ninth bureau, the Dodge of the Unintentional War did not hit the play, and the winning wins were interrupted.

[Two sides starting]

Los Angeles Dodge Team

1. Enrick – Ernand Sinotrans

2. Justin – Turner

3. Cody – Beilinji right outside

4. David – Based on Fritz

5. Marcos Mangxi 2rd

6. 科 里 – Siki guerrilla

7. Chris Taylor left outer wilder

8. Russel Martin Catcher

9. Rich-Hill pitcher

Washington National Team

1. Adam – Ion leftowa

2. Victor-Robrez right wilder

3. Anthony – Lunden 3rd

4. Haoyi – KFRK

5. Brian – Dozale

6. Yang-Gomez catcher

7. Wellmer-Di Fu guerrilla

9. Patrick-Corbin Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The second national party of the Taiwan Battar Sanchez, this season has not yet tasted, the 5.15 self-blame rate, send 36 three vibrations, the previous Sanchez is already four-game, 20 games Punching a total of 14 points, but only hit a home run, the biggest problem is too much to keep, and there are at least 4 games in 6. Daoqi is the first pitcher for the Yutian Jian Tai, which is 3 wins and 2 losses this season. His hit rate is high, arrived. 257, and guaranteed to be large, 34 multi-vibration contrast 18 times.