MLB – Judge Jiaqi is a pity to return to the sight after the hospitality


On October 4th, Beijing time, the perfect position MLB ushered in the United States of America, and the New York Yangji was defeated by 7-2 Auckland sports home.

Judge Jiaqi opened the court, 2 different guns straight to the left field

Judge Jiaqi opened the court, 2 different guns straight to the left field

The host Rosen praised the “judge” Alon Jia Qi in the “Hui Ting” (injury), the Square Returns, the guest Wu Hao Lord Alon – Jiaqi has 80% of the chances will be elected MVP in this game, but Sportsists did not actively and questioned, and they were wasted without being out. One and second bases were a pity. Rosen believes that the outer cassette faces the Yangji must have the opportunity.

Louis Sevilino’s first bureau is in the upper part of the Yangji first pitcher, and sequentially Sanxick Martini and Jude Rolley, and the ball is sent to Matt – Chapman out of office. The attendant arranged Liam-Hendricks as a first-end pitcher in the second half of the first place, Wu Hao, said that the truncation pitcher took the lead in debuting, it is not intentionally not in accordance with the routine.

Open road Pioneer Andrew McCachen was guaranteed by four bad balls, and Alon Jiaqi knocked out 2 points to let Yangji lead until 2-0, Wu Hao thunder is waiting for this ball, more than 2 meters of the body The hit weight is full. After Alon Hicks and Jankolo Stanton were resolved, Luke Voit knocked out that the high-speed ball was guarded by the sportswater to take a branch.

Chris Davis was in the second half of the second game, and Matt Orson was sent to the four-bad ball in the world, but Stephen Pisci was also three vibrations. Wu Hao, ridicule, the main trial, the game is relatively large, Raun – Larano is also a three-vibrate, Rosen introduced that Sevilino spent a lot in this manner, but solving six players just get 5K .

At the short half of the second game, the attendant selected the replacement of Louis Trivino. Did Gregius knocked out the hometown, and then possed Miguel-Anduhar four bad balls. To form a one-thirds of the base, Wu Hao Lei Li Trivino faces the problem of wire controlling ball, but Gary Sanchez hits the double kill to get two outwards, so in Gregourus push into the three bases.

Grayber Torres waves from Trivino to solve it, causing the Yangji regret to leave a stronger striker. Wu Hao Lei’s exciting external card competition is in that the pitcher does not need to consider the endurance problem, Severilino is on the third game of the half four bad balls to the Musse-West Men, Rosen’s straightforward I feel that it is more difficult, and Wu Hao has revealed that the Yangji has a pitcher warm up.

Sevilino three vibrant Jonathan – Lukkroj, Luke – Woiit faces Nick Martini to fight some violence, good at Didi-Gregius extreme stretching body thrills to complete the ball, even if the body Losing the balanced foot has never leaving the base package to complete the block, Alon Jiaqi smashed Matt-Chapman helped the primary esoteric preparation, McCacho knocked out in the third place. The next step is blocked.

Alon Jaji is the San Zhen by Trivino, Alon Hicks is also the ground rolling ball being resolved. Wu Hao’s point comments on the basis until there is so far, the two heroes are Alon Jaqi and Sevilino reflected in one attack. Lori was killed in the fourth game, and Davis grabbed Woiit’s ball. Wu Hao Lei’s bluntly said that this time is a bit worse.

Olsen is also a four-bad balls that are sednahno, so that sportsists ushered in a good situation, Piscoti is taken by Alon Jaqi picking out the bureau without promoting the package, Lauren The total number of times is guaranteed by four bad balls. Wu Hao, the sight is not ready to play, but the foundation is a bit awkward. Sevilino three vibrated West Mien let the sports home leave the restriction, Wu Hao, said that Sevilino did his own to fill it.

Stanton knocked out the high flying ball in the second half of the 4th game was killed and Woit was out of the bureau, and Gregion was immediately blocked. Lukroji knocked out in the 5th game, Rosen introduced this is the first place in the game, Martini is knocking out of the series of security and welcoming the first and second equities, Yangji Choose to change Trin – Betans Sedge Sevilino.

Delin - Betans Poost Bihochang Semi-bureau, blocking the opponent line

Delin – Betans Poost Bihochang Semi-bureau, blocking the opponent line

Chapman and Luoli high ball were killed, Wu Hao, did not have a running barrier for sportswells, and Rosen’s direct foreign card needs to be struggling now. Davis encountered a pressure on the scene fans in 2 good 2 bad balls, the result was that it was resolved by Betansis to resolve the restriction of the second or three bases.

At the short half of the 5th game, the attendant will choose to change the Shawn Kelly. And Duhar uses the journey to run in the wild. Torres immediately smashed but not far enough to be killed, and Yang Kai was resolved by McCachen. Rosen rushed to the cashmet pitcher deliberately smashed the ball cap, I feel that my personal is relatively strong.

Yangji’s sixth bureau has successfully resolved Olsen, Piscoti and Lloyro Guardian success, and the second half of the sportsist selection is changed to charge. Rodney. Directly ran on the second base, Rosen ridiculed the “judge” after the “pedicure”, the strong returns knocking out, and then he was knocking out of the second base, and the Lauren slipped.

Alon Jiaqi ran back home base to let Yangji 3-0 leadership, Rodney accidentally changing the storm, let Hekens advance to the three-base, Rosen’s commentary, 5 balls are a bit Gray face. The attendant will then choose to exchange Brake Treas, facing unattended, the three-strokes have an unfavorable situation, and the last four bad balls will keep Stanton and the advantage is advanced to two or three bases.

Tream was hit by Woiit, which was hit by Woiit, and made Yangji’s 2 minutes to 5-0 and Woiit pushed to the State, Graygius knocked out the high flush Irt Shen hide and avoided the home base to 6-0, Wu Hao Lei’s blunt sports home is a bit trend, this kind of pitcher wheel battle is not a trick being used, so I have been used in Turnd to solve Affillas and Sanchez.

Yangji replaced the pitcher David in the 7th Council – Robertson, Rosen praised to kill the Simundian Flying Balls as the next day, and also solved Lu Kkroji and Martinic. The 7th Bureau, the lower semi-Chardan successively sent Torres and McCaqin out, then four bad balls to keep Alon – Jiaqi be able to solve the Arom Hicks to get enough to the number, Rosen is good There is no drop.

In the first half of the 8th game, he went to the Zigk-Brilton, and was knocked out the base, and later Davis slammed 2 different guns to help the sportswell to 2-6, Rosen Fang Davis is the real thigh of the sportsist. Although Piscoti was sent to the four bad balls, Olsen and Lauren were successfully resolved. Stanton brought out the Yangchun cannon on the 8th game.

However, the Yangji did not have a difference due to Voit was out of the Sensit and Gregourius. Yangji selection in the 9th game, the first half of the Atrid, Chapman, first of all, Mount Ximeien, Mount Xi Meng, Wu Hao, the straightforward, Chapman picked up a lot, so good to get enough The number allows the Yangji lock victory to 7-2, Rosen ‘s highly recommend the upcoming “Fat Sock” Wars.