MLB first person Tuuri: Will not participate in the home running competition, I hope that the big cereal can play


In less than two weeks, MLB All-Star Tournament is to start in Cleveland. The first person of the league Mike Tuuri has announced that it will not participate in this year’s home running competition. But MLB officials have been trying to advise him in recent years.

“Every year,” Turt said. “I said it really, they will ask me every year.”

Turdi has become the United States for seven years, it has become the United States, but he has been refused to participate in this event. Do not rule out that he will change your idea one day.

“Maybe there will be a year, I will tell yourself, I will go to the home base playing the game, and Lu Laot said.” I am a faithful fan of a home run. The game itself is too excited. I have seen it from a child. I have always thought that the
player will continue to knock the home run is cool, but I really don’t want to do this. “

Next year, the home running competition will move from Cleveland to Southern California. At that time, Los Angeles will become the organizer of the All-Star Collection. There are MLB criticism to say that Turd is very high next year.

It will not only MLB, but also in MLB, but also to persuade Truite to participate. As the Los Angeles superstar, Tuuurt has “obligation” to show the performance of the local fans, and even teammates look forward to him.

In fact, in the third grade of high school, this Los Angeles angel’s all-star in the middle and foreign wilders participated in the home run. The reason why Teraurt’s number of eupoji is invited by: I hope to give more time to my family during all-star games. The workload of the home run is too large.

“When you mention the home running competition, if you are a player, you will think of this is a long and long night,” Turpit said. “It’s too many times.”

Turett watched the team boss Pophangs in the 2015 home running competition, “Residents” lost to Todd Fraser in the last round of competition. It looks very likely that Turuit can see another teammate this year.

As early as one month ago, Da Vallang said that he is interested in participating in the home running competition. Because the ligament transplantation surgery is very long, the Dazza, which is retrieving from May, May, May, Xiangping may not be nominated as all stars.

“I think the Grand Valley will win,” Turkit said. “He is the most powerful person in the alliance. Obviously this year will be different, because he is still in the recovery of ligament transplant surgery. I mean hope that he can participate, I will definitely want him to go. Currently played. At present, the team medical team has not assessing whether the Grand Valley is suitable for participation. The ligament transplant surgery affects his waving and arm power? Maybe, but our angel team needs him to come back and cast 105 miles / hour Speed ??ball. “