Metropolis 5 years, 17 billion, renewal, Saiyang pitcher, De Grom, four years ago, brilliant


The MLB Guests have begun only a few days in the 2019 season, and the large contract has renewed the theme of the recent MLB. The MLB official website has confirmed that the New York Metropolitan team and the ace fedech Jacob Dagromar renewed.

This 5-year total value of $ 175.6 million will replace Degrom’s current contract. After the end of the 2022 season, De Grom has the right to jump out of the contract to become a free player, and the Metropolitan team holds the last year. Team option. It is reported that this contract also includes complete trading clauses, which means that De Grom will at least follow the New York Metropolis team to 2022 seasons.

“I really like to shoot in New York,” De Grom has recently been interviewed in the spring training. “The fans are very good to me. I like to pick up the Hill on the Caraqi Stadium. A player can be very rare, but I hope that I am such a player.”

The last time New York Metropolitan team, such a big hand, a player, is in 2012, and the metropolis agreed to reach a $ 138 million agreement with the Squadk David-Wright. “The US Captain” Wright is a team symbol of the Metropolitan team, in terms of promoting the last rate, Wright’s star effect is crucial, but too much injuries have made this contract into the junk contract in the baseball expert mouth. It will make the New York metropolis once again determine the sign, Degromar is a new superstar after the fans of the fans, and the stunning performance last season will also eat a peace of mind.

The 2018 season De Grom took the Caiyang Award and carefully selected a total of 240 consecutive high-quality first. The personal record of 10 victories and 9 https://www.mlbboutique2.comdefeat is not very nice, but most of them are unable to stroke. During the Washington All-Star Tournament, the Degromaker Fanwaban publicly said that he hopes that the Metropolitan team signed or traded their ace, this words, all the teams immediately launched Degrom’s battle But the last trading is not formed.

Degrom's speed is his iconic sphere

Degrom’s speed is his iconic sphere

De Grom was selected by the ninth round of 2010. After boarding the big alliance, there was also a stable performance, and the excellent performance made him win the best rookie in the 2014 National Union. More importantly, the 30-year-old Dagrom has three playoffs experience, and has also issued a first in the World Competition. Now he has cut off the iconic long hair, and gradually become the most successful history. One of the pitcher. Degromatic career self-exclusive rate 2.67 second only to the famous Man Tom – Western Buddha, ranked 15th in the team’s Shengli list, ranked ninth in the Senang list.

De Grom can choose to sign a big summary is not simply because of the attachment to the team, he also saw the future of the team during the court. The newly employed general manager introduced the Sailor Team Hall Level 2,200 Robin – Kano and All-Star Terminator Edwin Diaz, directly solving the team’s fight against fire and cowshed strikes. The Metropolitan team also signed offensive arrested Catcher Wilsen – Rarmos to increase the team line power, once Jed Lori and Eyes Serps returned from the injury list, the whole big It will be a line will be luxuriously luxurious. In addition, the Metropolitan team also has a rampant potential of the new show Pitte – Alonso is waiting to be called the big alliance. When the small alliance played 36, he was a big poppet, and he was a rookie.

A series of trading and signing indicate that the New York Metropolitan team may return to the season, De Grom is the team’s ace to take the contract and should take more responsibility to lead the team to continue, complete the 2015 season. Dream.