Manning was the poor performance of the famous singer joked Beckham tears Buckley


After the Giants’ 13-34 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles today record to 1-5, it looks exactly the same as last year’s 1-5 start, but the hearts of fans in New York City, but more than ever the cold. Fans have expected this season, with Beckham’s comeback full of blood plus place show Sac Wan – Buckley and Eli – Manning composition offensive trident and accomplish much about it, for now, Beckham repeatedly dedication magic show no problems Buckley then this war Lianpao scored 229 yards and no problem, but now the Manning but he is not a shadow of the past.

Opening the second pass, Manning made a very dangerous choice, Everett Scott – Simonson double-teamed under the circumstances facing the ball came to him fluttering yo, the results of Eagles linebacker Jordan – Schick Adams point, the ball fell to Nigel – Brad Beckham hands, Manning sent steals opening, the giants lost the ball hit hard in his own half, the ball eventually converted also to help people get up to Philadelphia array, set the tone for the whole game.

The game most of the time, the Giants are one kind of fall into anarchy, Manning should have to assume more responsibility, but the frustration level is indeed retired to the edge of the offensive group affects the defense team, defense group infection the offensive group, and finally left with David Beckham on the sidelines shouting angry.

Looking back, Manning wore the aura of his debut top pick in order to select a good team actually fight at lightning Management, eventually went to the Giants open the legendary career, beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl twice more pushed him altar. As the result of old age, Manning gradually become the team’s back-pot Man, in recent years the team’s offense scored 20 points or more rarely, if not in court to see him wearing the No. 10 jersey Giants we almost forgot his talent this is the top.

Today’s game against the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, Manning played transfer data 43 24 0 advancing 281 yards 1 touchdown captured and killed in steals four times. From the data, although not very harsh, but it’s not particularly bad. But watched the game live fans are aware, third gear conversion pounding, low red zone efficiency, mobile pocket like the old lady dance aerobics, or only one touchdown against the Saskatchewan Wan – Buckley single-handedly rushed out, Manning’s status has been bad to the extreme.

Rapid opening behind the Giants entered the familiar rhythm, Manning does not help the crazy pass, the score suddenly blew out, merged into a miserable offensive team, “called not being heard by anyone, ruin and death in prison,” the Encyclopedia word. “Strength is not dominant, losing to defending champion is not a shame”, these words should be said of the Giants fans. But the sad thing is, ever since the Eagles scored two touchdowns, the Giants think it is, but sadly, the Giants team may only win Beckham.

Beckham in the fifth week after losing to Carolina Panthers accepted an interview with ESPN dolphin blockbuster release, except to say “giant did not give chance to become the best” “yearn for life in Los Angeles,” “The team did not exceed beyond 20 yards passing, “will be rapper Lear – Wayne and Eli – Manning pull together.

At the time of the interview, Lear – Wayne was sitting next to David Beckham, listening to friends complain about a lot of issues around the team, Wayne also lament. Dished out to reporters, “Do you think Beckham a good time in New York?” Wayne replied, “this issue is hard to say.”

This week, when asked about Manning Beckham’s comments, he joked: “I’m not concerned about Lear – Wayne”, the hip-hop singer who respond to Manning joke. “Eli, man, I’m your old fans of the matter is still in the care of my little baby will look at your ball at home. Although you say you’re not concerned about me, but I definitely was the first to support you fans. it does not matter, I do not care what you usually concerned about, like what to listen to, but man, I absolutely did not say bad things about you, you do not have to pay special attention I have time to listen to my song. “

Finally, Wayne said: “If you want to play better, you may want to listen to me before the game,” Carter on the 5th Giants obviously saw this news in the “(album name), think about it.” training really put Wayne songs, Beckham was also seen dancing on the training ground, but it is not clear whether Manning involved. On today’s competition process, Manning is likely in time to block his ears.

Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, pre-season, fans also have the “big giant this year have killed me back,” the vision, now suddenly become “Please hurry to let Manning go on,” suddenly there is no violation and feeling. Gifted offensive team like a freeze-frame construction of the press, in fact, these are not terrible, terrible is losing gradually become a habit – was hit by a car, get up, calm and said: “the next one.”

“Westward Journey”, the Pig and Zijin fairy swap body, and the Monkey King who want to kiss, when the witness wore a pig lover, more than Kuangtu Monkey King, Daisy goes on at this time pig face suddenly changed “! how you love me fake” Monkey King had reluctantly said: “give me some time, I spit spit ah ah spit used to it.”

For the same reason, to get twice the Super Bowl champion Giants in the 21st century, lose lose ah ah, did not lose heart qi; transfusion lose ah ah, get used to it.

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