Madoni: After discovering the development of football, all kinds of funds have retreated


Live Bar November 2th, the front of the army to help Madoni becomes the coach of Spread Siena, in the press conference after lasting, he talked about his coaching experience in China.

About ribo

“In the last three years of China, Ribi always returned to Italy, and afghanistan news today 24 7 I was responsible for training, this is a thing that I am sorry.”

About Paroski from Ji Siena because of Girandino

“I in today believe that he will take out the quality of professional players, and he is very hoped to recover soon.”

Regarding yourself in Zhongchao, Girandino

“That is a great experience, he is an excellent professional player, a great person. I am sorry that I have become his successor, but if not me, it will be someone. I know that he is going on me. I am praised, I am news channel news very grateful to him, now I will call him something is not very suitable. I appreciate him, I will call him later. ”

Will you return to China later?

“No, eight years is a long time, now it is time to go home, continue to come to China.”

Chinese football is experiencing a key period

“In the political factor, China vigorously develop football movement, and then tamil news video when people find this road, all kinds of funds have retired, so everything has changed.”

(Real Steel)

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