Lucerce: Young Barcelona kicked out the best battle they would enter the Champions League knockout


Live Bar November 3, the European Fairuan official website reported the 4th round blood bank webcomic of the Champions League i hate you i love you trap nation group, Darmo, Kiev, 0-1, is not enemy Barcelona. After the game, Damo chiefs came from the ethno of the two teams.

Review this game, the Lucess Cook said: “I think we should get a single game tonight, because we can play very well. Compared with the first few games, we have more courage, more confidently, but unfortunately Yes, we didn’t get the ball again. But we can’t ignore, we are in a very difficult play the latest news of times of india group, and the opponents face more than us. We are trying to catch their horizontal, but this can’t be one. ”

Talking about the young Barcelona, ??the Lucess Cook said: “I think they kicked very well, maybe they kicked the best groups so far. (Nicholas) Gonzalez, Jiawei, Fati and Eric Garcia is their future. I think Barcelona will enter the knockout, which is very important to these young players. They interesting news in india fight for everything presenter dies of skin cancer ”

Talking about the performance of the team, the Romanian said: “(two middle and defend) Hilota and Zab Barny are very good at taking the ball, they have launched our attack. I can see their growth, and How do they get experience and more confidence. I believe that we will show outstanding games.

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