Legacy "live treasure" player Zhao Yujie: I will take the tip of the tower and enter the world champion


When a person only wandering outside, there was a hometown, and once they lived in hometown, I didn’t feel good to my hometown, I didn’t feel the hometown. Once I contracted, I will find a gap in comparison, I will feel myself. The air in my hometown is so fresh and sweet. The child has a child’s feelings, although it will encounter a temporary difficulties, once overcome the past, her heart will be filled with their own pursuit and goals, and still go to their own battlefield, with their own actual actions, Writing your own ideals and beliefs.

Zhao Yujie hours read in Shanghai Jin Shajiang Road Primary School, the teacher kicked football, when she gave a kindergarten, she was born in Qian Hui, she was born in 1999, 18 years old alone studying, not only playing well, and learning results Also very good, she is very strong in the exercise and creativity on the court, and the attitude towards their own careers is also very serious. When the Shanghai female football played, played a full-time party game. She combed a small piece on her head. It appeared very personal. After entering the national team, she became the pistachius in the team. It is called “live treasure”, the character is very painful, very likes Teammates kidding.

Her body is very strong, although the speed is uncomahing, but the range of activities is wide, the explosion is very strong, and the opponents are very strong, and the competition, the national honor is very strong, dare to fight, in the game, Very hardworking spirit, very sense of justice, very love, because she has such a character, she and today’s or todays teammates can cooperate well, will also live in the team, football, more time, Pay attention to cooperation, paying attention to the mutual support between teammates, only this can we play good results in the game.

She usually likes to guide more than my own age, and analyze the opponent with teammates, tell the teammate how to play, very respectful and liked by teammates. When she followed Zhang Xiang and Qian Xue, she pays attention to the pair of parsman, and Master leads to the door, but also rely on her to practice, ask her “to read the book, play a good ball, do a good person.” This has become her. A life coordinate in the occupation, always control, and strive to move forward. She was born in a single intellectual family. The father is a university teacher. It is strictly required for her. At that time, let her learn to india breaking news live play, the purpose is to exercise, cultivate hobbies, do not want her to take career path, and even worry about her Playing football will affect your school.

But she really likes it very much. I don’t want to give up, my father can’t give her, but I have to play with her to play, but I can’t delay the school. I have to do my studies. She immediately promised the father’s request. At the same time, she has remained very good at the same time, and she knows, she knows, playing this sport, in her life, only a short period of time, then, she has to rely on knowledge. Keep your competitiveness in your workplace. She is in amateur, training, whether they have suffering, and take time to learn. During the senior high school entrance examination, they will reach high school admission scores. The up-to-enter children are always good, not live news in delhi today only love learning, but also squeeze out time to learn.

She once said, I will cherish every opportunity to exercise, aim at the tip, and enter the world champion. After entering the national team, she faces long-term training, I feel very desperate. I feel that the kick is not the kind of happiness. She is born in my heart. I don’t want to play the idea. I don’t know why I have to kick the ball. No reason, even her mother and her joke, she gave a daughter to the national team. This is a very different state of the attitude. At that time, she asked her father, I hope he can let him play a year.

In the body of the school, she had trained, because of injury, my father pulled her to the hospital, and said to her, she kicked the ball, will end her kicker career in advance, let her not kick ,study hard. After reading the disease, aj ka new she pulled her home directly from the hospital, let her leave the team, she cried and called to play, the father and the two rushed to go to the sports school, and I ran her, two people The car turned a few laps. Finally, I still make my father’s compromise, she looked at the daughter liked that her daughter’s dream, let her continue to pursue dreams. In life, any career is because of your dreams and fun, once you lose this essence, this movement is not angry.

Soon, she met his own benefactor’s high-red coach, she inspired Zhao Yu, telling her to play the goal and pursuit, let her pay for this goal, focus on their own actions, let her immersive himself 20 years later The look, and let her write the plan and schedule for this beautiful idea to the heart. Then, Zhao Yu gave himself a goal, entered the country team, entered the delhi news channel World Cup, and participated in the Olympics. Later, she quickly kicked into the national team, but because of the age of too small, she could not talk to the rhythm in the team, and only secretly crying every day, and finally, I failed to participate in Shenzhen Four Estabi, but returned to the local team.

Subsequently, high-directed her suggestion, let her apply for the American famous school, tell her, the NCAA level is very high. Her father has always worried that she became the development of the limbs, the simple person, and encouraged her to study. She was very prominent in English, and then she submitted an application to the four US universities, and was admitted to the University of Florida, and The school is a famous school that kicked the ball, and there is a female foot in the school. For your dreams, set the goal, you will make your pursuit more high, but at all, you can’t give up study, you must insist, let yourself maintain a good rhythm, during the struggle of life, always cast it up to it. milestone.

In order to let his daughter abroad, his parents said that as long as she made decisions, they must support it, giving her subscriptions, and raise the living expenses of the United States. However, she believes that their ability, can take their own expenses, she strives to get the school’s full scholarship and support her tuition and living expenses in the United States. Before leaving, she still remembered the world, she found the leadership of the Football Association, expressed her ideas, the leader told her that she went to the United States to reflect their own value, where the academic pressure is very large, let her Do your difficult to overcome difficulties in your heart. The leader said to her, as long as she played well, the National Youth team still needs her. After studying abroad, she told the school team, kicked out a good level in the game with another famous school, and kicked into a ball, helping her own team and opponents.

In the United States, she didn’t have a driver’s license, I bought a foot pedal car. When the holiday, she would return to the country. Recently, due to the epidemic, the ticket is very expensive, before, round trip, 10,000 pieces You can buy a ticket to return to China, but when the epidemic is nervous, it takes 20,000 yuan. She leased in the apartment with the teammates, she saw the movie at home, read reading, practicing machinery, at this time, she is very lonely in my heart, I feel that I am alone, I miss the domestic teammates, think about it. They play the scene. It’s the case that is in a foreign land, and it is this situation. When you have, you will not feel a special idea. Once you leave the lost, you will feel a special thoughts.

A child who likes to play, is also a child’s dream, she is rumored to pursue her goal, set up a plan, planning training time, such a purpose, can stick, will be paid, have ambition child, I believe that she will get more far from the road to dreaming, and the goal will be achieved soon. Excellent children, no matter where she is, it is very good, they will use their own excellence, write their own better life. More importantly, she has a good father, there is also a good coach, they plan to plan life, and help her to establish a goal, let her step by step, go forward. A target-based child must have a harvest, a planned child, will certainly have success.

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