Lakers reporters ridicule James nucleic acid detection and negative: this is more great to turn behind 1-3 than the finals


Beijing time December 03! According to the? Athletic reporter Shams? Charania reported that the sources revealed that the Lakers, Brand James has passed the Alliance Health and Security Agreement, and he will come back to the race of the Clippers tomorrow.

According to ESPN reporter DAVE? McMenamin reported that the scholars revealed that the Lakers’ striker Brand James received a large number of new crown virus detection after returning to Sacramento, and the scholars revealed that he had received 8 new crown viruses since local time Saturday. Detection, the result is all negative.

In the official statement published by the NBA: James was initially diagnosed as positive, but in further test results confirmed that he was not a positive case; James made a new test, the results proved to be uncertain. James’s positive test results in Sacramento were a false positive.

It is worth mentioning that the Lakers reporter Harrison? Faigen commented on the reversal of James new crown event: “To tell the truth, this is more great to turn behind 1-3 than the finals.” Lakers will be 11:00 tomorrow Challenge the bus. According to the injury report released by the Lakers, James probably played.

Indeed, in the previous report, James will at least be absent for 10 days, but it didn’t expect that it would usher in the future tomorrow. It is to know that the
official has even canceled the live broadcast and the Lakers’ live broadcast and replaced the second battle of the Sun and Warriors.