laid back! Bruce’s first appearance, with family in Dubai vacation


Live Bar October 31, Since the mid-this month, after the unanimous current news topics removal of Newcastle, Steve Bruce left the public’s field of view. Recently, Bruce’s son Alex was uploaded on social media and watched the T20 Board World Cup in Dihi, UAE. This is the first time Bruce first appeared hum tv director contact number before the lens.

After the acquisition of Saudi, No. 20, Newcastle this month, Newcastle decided to work with the old Shuai Steve Bruce. After leaving the New Card, Bruce also revealed that due to a very huge pressure in his coaching career, he perhaps retired from the professional football after leaving Newcastle, more enjoyment and family.

Therefore, in the end of this month, Bruce also chose to go to the United Arab Emirates new 24 hindi for Dubai vacation. At present, the T20 Board World Cup is also happening in Dubai. The England team wins the opponent in the game with Australia. The father and son of Bruce look very good, facing the lens. Have www news18 india a happy smile. Subsequently, Alex also uploaded more photos of people with vacation, including a seven-port photo, and pictures from the cruise ship.

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