La Liga-Depe World Wave + Middle Column Barceloni 1-1 Alavis three rounds of Aguiro Pike injury


Beijing time October 31st, the 12th round of the 20th round of the 2021/22 season Tournament war was carried out in the Noukamu Stadium. Barcelona’s first battle after Camman’s get out of class, Baranda has faced Alavis’s draw, Depe is the first record of Barcelona, ??but the team will chase the score after 3 minutes. Barcelona encounters three consecutive rounds, but it has also ended the battle of the losing, and is currently temporarily divided into the 9th place in the Western A (

After Camans, Barcelona was taken by the agency head as a representation of Serger – Bahuan Command in the game. In the 18th minute, Barcelona got the left corner chance, Depe was penalized the ball to the ban, and Eric Garcia Middle Road grabbed the head to attack the door to the door.

In the 19th minute, the Alavis players are election results aaj tak live not far away, and Barcelona will send the ball in front of the penalty, and the Jiavhong Road will pick up the biography. The left side of the Arb is left in the left side of the door. In the 22nd minute, Barcelona launched counterattack, Aguiro’s arc of the restricted area tried a long shot and biased the right column.

In the 39th minute, Aguiro had a hurt. He looked at the chest immediately. After a short treatment of 2 minutes in the field, he got up and walked down the court, replaced by Kutno in the 41st minute.

In the 45th minute, Depe was in the lower left corner of the left lower left corner, and Siwira was sealed by the door. At the end of the first half, the two sides took a 0-0 score to the midfield.

Easy to fight again, the goal is coming soon. In the 49th minute, Albazuo road hooks, Depe’s forbidden zone, after m ibn the ball was adjusted two steps, the foot pocket jump into the far corner, Barcelona 1-0 lead!

However, Barcelona is not long. After 3 minutes, Rio Yazu is broken to the forbidden zone. After cooperating with Jose Lu, it is brought into banned zone, and the attack is turned to the left. One, swaying Teltgen to form an air file, push empty door, Alavis 1-1 chasing score!

Then Barcelona stabilized. In the 54th minute, Kutnio took Dude Middle Road, and the state news in english right foot of the right row in the restricted area was taken out of the beam by the Siwira single. In the 58th minute, Alba’s magnificent teletends highlights the beam. In the 59th minute, Jiavia custacly entered the ban, Siwira, which was born in front of Depel Point, and the left door column was popped up.

In the 61st minute, Nico-Gonzalez Middle Road passed, Depel videocon washing machine toll free number reverse offside successfully, and the single-knife tester in the restricted area was sealed by Siwira. In the 70th minute, Picke also had injured situation, he accompanied by the team doctor, and the Langlais replaced it.

In the 84th minute, Barcelona gave a free kick opportunity on the ignorant line, and Kutinio made the beam.

Then there were no buildings in the two sides, the game was over, and Barcelona was at home 1-1. Alavis.

Both sides appearance www m economictimes com lineup:

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