Jaguars quarterback Fowles debut clavicle fracture is expected to miss most of the season


September 9 News (text / ESPN Michael DiRocco compile / white) quarterback Nick – Falls (Nick Foles) at Jacksonville Jaguars debut lasted less than one time, in today’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs Falls suffered a collarbone in the game, the Chinese fans dubbed the NFL koi fracture, it is expected to missing injured most of the season (about 8 weeks).

Former Super Bowl MVP Falls on behalf of the Jaguars starting lineup and has a good performance, he and D.J. Chuck (DJ Chark) completed touchdown pass of 35 yards at a speed attack, the home fans really attracted arm shouting. But then, fans will be found wrong, Chiefs defensive anchor Chris Fowles was shot in the moment – Jones (Chris Jones) fierce collision, then leave for X-ray examination, final results showed, Falls clavicle fracture.

Falls will undergo surgery today, there is no specific return time, in accordance with the severity of the injury, experts predict he will miss half the season. The same with a broken collarbone when he played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014 suffered the injury when he was captured and killed injured in the game against the Houston Texans game.

“I have no concept of time comeback,” Fowles said in an interview, “We will insist on going day by day, as long as the surgery done, I will do my best to recover, come back as soon as possible, so that we We can continue to be competitive in the league. “

Falls after injury, backup quarterback Gardner – Ming Hugh (Gardner Minshew) debut, which is 6 show a draft of this year, is currently the only candidate Jaguars quarterback.

“When I was severely hit the ground, I knew something bad will happen.” Fowles said: “I feel the two groups of red (jersey) knocked down my body, and then I fell to the ground, it is clear intrathoracic hear “popping” sound broken, so I quickly went to check up. this is the first stage after I came here, but unfortunately, I believe that God will allow me to get well soon. “

If the Jaguars will Fowles placed on the injured list, and then let him come back, he needs to train in six weeks, then take two weeks to return the game that way he will be the first in November 17th, which is the first ten weeks against the Indianapolis Colts playing the game. October 5, 2017 Green Bay Packers Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) also suffered a similar injury when Rogers missed eight games.

Jaguars coach Doug – Malone (Doug Marrone) looked very disappointed after the game: “It’s very unfortunate, I really want to see the results of Falls after his game a whole, but I heard him the fracture. “

II competition, the situation is even worse Jaguars linebacker Myers – Jack (Myles Jack) against the Chiefs took over the outside Demarcus – Robinson (Demarcus Robinson) throwing punches opposite, was ejected, after which he will receive Union to additional punishment. Jackson took over as Sami outside the end zone and the Chiefs – illegal contact with Watkins (Sammy Watkins) and punished, pushed Jack Watkins, then they came to push Jack Robinson. They will then expand the name calling, trying to hit the shot Jack Robinson’s helmet, followed by cornerback Jay – Ramsey (Jalen Ramsey), also came to join the fray.

Jack is the most experienced Jaguars linebacker, defensive captain is set, the location is Najib after his fate – to replace Goode (Najee Goode). After the game, Jack apologized to his teammates, to admit the urge to let himself be punished appearances, live up to the efforts of a whole team-mates pay.

. “First and foremost, I must apologize to the team and Jacksonville fans,” Jack said: “I am very excited at that time, feeling Sami – differ from Watkins ran the line with my thinking and then over time I met my helmet, also said something at me, so I pushed him, and then I felt someone push me back, I did not see threw the yellow flag, so I think at that moment First I want to protect themselves. but all this is not an excuse, I apologize for this, such a thing will not happen again in the future. “

Fowles returned to the sidelines in the second half, but his arm has been hung up. Offseason, the Jaguars signed him to a four-year $ 88 million worth of fertilizer about, including $ 50,125,000 of security payments. It is noteworthy that, Fowles’s career is also a glass, he only played 19 against the Miami Dolphins offensive stalls in the third week of the preseason. Malone coach wanted to protect him, but I never thought the first game was hurt.

Falls where his career early in the season will be treated as the main quarterback only twice, but both times hurt, and hurt are the collarbone. He missed the 2014 season, the Philadelphia Eagles in the last eight games, to the second season, he has been reduced Case – Keenan’s replacement.