Interview Wang Yuan: 18 years old should shoulder more responsibility If you play baseball, you want to be a king pitcher


Text / special reporter Xue Lei in front of the United States

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On September 29th, Beijing time, New York Faise Citibank Baseball Stadium welcomed a special guest, Wang Yuan, China’s high-quality youth idol, and the leader in the new generation actor and singer. Today, Wang Yuan as a winning guest, boarded the hill before the game of Madolin and Miami macaro, became the first inland artist for the United States.

Because of a young inspirational drama and baseball, this time I mounted the world’s highest baseball temple in the world’s highest baseball hall, and there were also challenges with the international superstar Vander in the Hollywood new film waiting for him.

It is about to spend the 18th https://www.mlbdrakterno.combirthday of the 18th birthday in November, and struggled to the more vast international stage, but also let the world know the style of Chinese youth in the new era. Through an interview, Wang Yuan said that if you choose to have your own career, he is willing to be a athlete.

Pick up the dragon big brother, the influence of the blessings of the big alliance

Before the competition of the US duty wand, it is an ambitious honor in the cultural atmosphere of the United States. It is a public in the cultural atmosphere of the United States. It is also a public. Powerful proof of human influence.

The United States has served as Bush and the former President Obama once attended the kick, including Obama’s photo of the Chicago White Sithball Place, along with the World Competition Championship Trophy, and the white stockings showed the most prominent position.

Not light is the US president, the US domestic and even international style, the most popular stylus is invited to serve as the experience of the kick, and naturally, there is still little difference in Chinese representatives. Hollywood’s movement superstar Li Lianjie (Singapore) has left a figure on the pitcher of the Grand League. In May 2010, China Hong Kong Acting Star Chenglong appeared at the home of the Chicago Cabin team, and served as the first battle of the Wolver Bear. Drink VIP.

As a representative of Chinese, Big Brother, is working hard to promote China to the world, as an Oscar Life Achievement Award winner, is also recognized and highly recognized by the world.

As a representative of China’s outstanding young people, Wang Yuan has been young, but has also left its own remarks in the international public welfare stage. In 2017 and 2018, 2017, in 2018, the two-session of the United Nations Economic and Social Council youth Forum (ECOSEC Youth Forum) was continuously attended, and a wonderful statement was made in the Forum on quality education in the United Nations.

Since June 28, 2017, Wang Yuan has served as the United Nations Youth Education Messenger of the UNICEF. This young Wang Yuan took the stick into the dragon, proudly stood up the big league’s hand, and paying attention to the US duty wand. The American fans, even through TV broadcast, to show Chinese teenagers to the world’s baseball fans, and in recent years, Wang Yuan actively participates in international public welfare activities, and has a brilliant proof of glory on the international stage.

Wang Yuandeng picked up the kick ball bluntly tense showing sports talent professional coaches praise

“As the first Chinese artist who picked up in the US duty cable, can you share the current mood with us? Nowadays more, expect more or some nervous?” With this issue as a king today The source of the source, Wang Yuan honestly he was very tense, afraid to stand to the pitching of the pitcher, did not enter the glove. But Wang Yuan also said that he has just prepared it on the practice farm, can help him improve many confidence.

As the first person of the Chinese mainland artist on the Great League, it has an epoch-making meaning for the development of the baseball in China. At the same time, when I practice in the indoor training field, Wang Yuan’s skill, completely unlike the beautiful and goodball that I have not passed through the ordinary people who haven’t passed the ball, and even causing the generals of spending a lot of the world’s top pitcher. It is a genius.

But for Wang Yuan’s individual, it is no new thing for such a role. I have already shown a sports talent in multiple variety programs. Wang Yuan has left the most impression of the world in the field of sports in this American baseball, but it is pure and innocent. Court.

In 2017, the Beijing Sports Bureau invited Wang Yuan as the ice and snow sports promotion ambassador, in the context of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, this role has naturally been self-evident.

On January 8, 2018, as China’s Ice Snowport Promotion Ambassador, Wang Yuan was invited by the Norwegian National Tourism Administration, which became a Norwegian winter sports partner, came to the ice and snow, picturesque Nordic Ice Snow sports township Norway, through one The beautiful photo photo of the group, through a paragraph showing the cool blue video on the Wangyuan Ski Society, China, many netizens leave a message in the relevant news reviews and Weibo, have shown these beautiful photos and Video, I also want to go to Norwegian to see a skiing.

The US Roman Work Big Alliance and the Metropolitan team invited Wang Yuan as a kick, and announced that after the official Weibo will invite Wang Yuan as a guest, it will forward to 10,000, and Wang Yuan’s appeal and effect have been reflected. .

Adult means responsible Wang Yuan: I hope to learn more after 18 years old.

Wang Yuan will spend his 18th birthday in November. In this unusual day, he became the first Chinese mainland artist in the big alliance. Just so far, compared with the same age, there is so special and worthy of memorable scenes, what is the “opening” life of “open” life so far? In today’s Metropolitan Press, I just accepted the visit of the American body media. When I accepted an interview, Wang Yuan opened my heart, sharing my own heart road history:

“Everyone’s life is different, maybe I have experienced things that others have not experienced, others have experienced things may have not experienced it. Maybe my life looks more smooth and beautiful, but actually There are many difficulties and a lot of uncomfortable places. “From this password, it is not difficult to read, and the life under the magnesium light of countless people, it is quite the young people who are still 18-year-old. Large pressure.

When talking about the meaning of the 18-year-old life node, the vision of Wang Yuan, as a public figure, is more vast, Wang Yuan said, “Maybe a day before I am 18 years old, and I will be 18 years old, I There is nothing to change the whole person, it may be just a legal adult. But since there is this meaning, it is necessary to bear the responsibility of an adult, need to shoulder more social responsibility, need to bring a good head, Give everyone a good impact. “At the same time, Wang Yuan also wished for his 18-year-old birthday.” I hope that I can learn more in 18 years old, I hope that the cause is more smooth, and the body is healthier. “

And baseball, because of the love of love, coronation, good life, can choose to be a trump

Wang Yuan on the ski resort is like the elegant princes from the Nordic fairy tale, and there is noble temperament, and today, today, Wang Yuan, who is in the baseball field, and the sun is cheerful and the people will be more close. Baseball as the United States and Japan’s national ball, there is a very high penetration rate in many countries, and even there are more than a few union superstars Alex Rodrigs, but they are poor, but they are tired and tired. Efforts, eventually realizing the model of baseball dreams.

Maybe when he received a half-year baseball training for shooting “our boy era”, Wang Yuan did not think that he had the world’s top baseball stage, in fact, it is actually able to stand on the big league. Countless young players who have a dream for dreams, work hard, may not be able to achieve their lives.

As a guerrilla, Wang Yuan is trying to pursue his own baseball dream, and in the real world, although as a spent and non-play guerrilla, Wang Yuan is still realizing A lot of dreams that are likely to be able to achieve a lot of baseball teenagers.

At an interview, Wang Yuan told that when shooting “our teenagers”, he did not envisage herself on the coup on the Grand League on the day, but today visited the Badball Course, the top of the world. After the baseball coach and the baseball player were diagnosed, Wang Yuan remembered the group of children he saw in Nanjing baseball school.

“Before shooting this drama, I rarely touched athletes, but because of shooting this drama, I saw children who trained baseball, and they were self-love for baseball. I think these I saw today. Occupation, I think there is some similar feelings with the experience, just feel that they love the baseball. “

If you can choose again, Wang Yuan will consider when a athlete? Or is he enjoyed now in the development of the entertainment circle?

“If I can have ten different life experiences, I am willing to use it once to engage in sports.” However, the role of guerrillas played in the TV series is that the reality is more likely to be on the sports field. It can play a leader of a trump pitcher, a leader who will resist the team’s wins on his shoulders.


Wang Yuan, Wang Yuan, only stayed in New York, according to the itinerary, after today’s kicking ceremony, the next day Wang Yuan rushed to Paris, despite a short time, this big league journey and The zero-distance contact between the world’s top baseball player, also let Wang Yuan have more understanding of baseball, and also makes the baseball world understand the broad prospect of promoting baseball in China.

Wang Yuan’s visit is not just a ball, as a bridge and a link, is in China and baseball world, and there is a relatively isolated two worlds to communicate and contact. Although there is currently no baseball player from China, I have already boarded the US duty a big greeholder, but with the baseball theme of Wang Yuan and his belong to the Baseball Theme Youth Inspirational Opera “Our Youth Age” on the screen The broadcast, and Wang Yuan today’s first ball in the Metropolitan Course, we have reason to believe that there will be more and more commences from China in the future, and there will be on the world’s top baseball stadium. .