Initiative alienated? James Wong directly see Stewart ran scene exposure: early departure did not shake hands


Beijing time on November 29, many fans are looking forward to eat melon James Stewart and two fan battle but also staged drama of conflict, but such hopes dashed. The whole game, they give a feeling of old age and death are not in contact, the end of the game, see James Stewart ran directly ahead of departure.

0.9 seconds left in the game, Tucker free throw line, this time the outcome has no suspense. Stewart has been replaced, he returned to the sidelines. After just when Tucker free throws, James turned to see the Pistons bench on one side, glanced Stuart, the old Zhan turn around.

I saw James took two steps, and suddenly they run directly back back back to the bench of the Lakers. Tucker finished the implementation of free throws, the game is over. James looked back, then turned back to the locker room with coach Vogel together.

James did not shake hands with the Pistons players, naturally, did not shake hands with Stewart. The two sides jump ball to start the game from that moment, it has no interaction until the final whistle, each walked back to the locker room.

It appears that the two are not thought when mutual friends. In fact, both sides have the opportunity to shake hands, but I’m afraid Stewart’s remarks after the game with the Clippers blocked the road. At the time, James Stewart stressed that he was deliberately hit, not an accident, with the description of exactly the opposite of the old Zhan, James repeatedly stressed that he has no intention only, not

Of course, for James, do not friends with Stewart does not matter, I am afraid he does not expect to get opponents forgiveness. In the eyes of the old Zhan, who only focus on the Lakers, eager to lead the team this season weight championship. And that, in his view, the biggest challenge of his career encounter.