In the early morning of September 16, Beijing time, Toronto Bluebird continued to be a guest of New York, and launched the second battle of the series.Bluebirds rely on the leading advantages of the competition, and the blue bird stands against the rush of Yangji after the competition, and finally defeated the Yangji with a score of 8-17.The two teams in this game have played a 6-year-old horn, and the leader of this battle, Yangji’s leading advantage from the Auckland sight behind him has only one game.CC Shabuya is unfavorable, 2.1 bureaus was played 7 supplied 5 points[Data Highlight]Toronto Blue Bird: Bluebird first players everyone has an on-account, and the whole team has played a total of 16 security.Among them, Landaur-Grikuk 5 players (2 strokes and 1 second bases), 2 points of booking, running back to 3 points; Tosska-Ernands 5 tops3 安 安, run back 2 points; Alede Mis Diaz 4 play 2 merits, 3 points of booking, the first-hand pitcher Sean-Ride-Welfare 5 games, 10 timesZhen Zhen also had 4 guarantees and won the victory.New York Yangji: Didi-Gregus 4 played 2 支 安 (2 projectors playing), 2 points of accounting, running back 2 points, he also created Yang Bayi’s histori guerrillate single season home run Record, he also completed the results of more than 25 battalions for two consecutive years; Miguel Aduhar 1 number 1 number of homes, 4 points of booking, also selected 1 time; Ji’an Carlo Stanton 5 taps played, 1 point of accounting.[Competition process]The first game started, and the two sides quickly entered the state. Sa Basia successfully made the blue bird’s beans three three, and the blue bird’s rookie pitcher Ride-welfare status is even more excellent. The first game continued to three rivers, three rigors of McCacho, Stanton and Hicks. In the battle, both sides will cross each other.The Second Bureau Blue Bird team took the lead in launching the offensive. Grrike saw the first ball of Sabasia, and the homes (428 feet) of the left middle and foreign countries. After making the flying ball in Pilar, Ernande played the rollover in the guerrilla direction, and Graygius took the ball and tried to block the runner. The referee initially ruling Ernandez out, but the Blue Bird Team launched a challenge. After the video playback confirmed, the referee was changed to Ernandess played a wild security. Then Ernande rely on the two bases to the opponent’s trail, and Yang Sen also played a bird, and the blue bird accounted for a third base in the case of one person. The blue bird’s offensive has not stopped, and the birds of Dias have returned to the second part of this Council. Although Sabsia scorch Urega won the second number, Gurier once again played the birds in the left field, and the runner of the second base ran back the home score. Shatbacia subsequently Samo, ended this half.John Jibenz is sent by the protest of a good ballThe second half of the second game, Yang Biece tried to also be colored. Rid-welfare was successfully passed on Gregourius and Sanchez. Blue Bird Teach John Gibbons protest against the referee’s good ball, and finally along with the referee Robert, Robert Ortiz. Drink out of the field. After Torres, Torres played the field of wild play in the guerrilla direction, forming a situation


in which no one out is full. However, at this time, Reide-welfare once again took out the Suduk Kung Fu, and he continued to have three players after Yang Bay team, successfully let Yang Bay team’s unconscious. In the second game, the Blue Bird team has achieved 3 to 0 leaders.

In the upper half of the three games, Sabasia has to make a decier Ricker after the creation of Morales’s inner flipball. This time, Gricko hit a few balls, grabbed the opponent’s high-cutly, or formed the home running of the left field (371 feet). Then, the Pilar began back to the back to the back, and the home homer (363 feet), Sabasia was once again exploded. Yangji’s total coach Aaron Boone debut, replaced with cow shed pitcher Chad Green. Sabasia has only supported another 2 and 3, and the 50 balls were cast (37 good balls), was hit 7 security (where 3 projectors played), fell 5 points, sent out 2 three times Keep it. After Green Deng, Ernan Des took the no steady and again, but the state of Green is stable, and two players after the blue bird will end the three games. In the second half of the three games, McCacho took the lead in playing birds, Stanton weak rolls, covering McCache to the second base. After choosing the guarantee, Hicks welfare once again forced Gregion to play the earth and won the second number. Then he also sang Sanchez and ended the Junji’s semi-bureau attack. Three games, the blue bird has expanded the leading advantage, 5 to 0.

Entered the fourth game, Green found back last year’s pressure. Although Simmark played the second base from him, Green is still three hunchers of the blue bird, ending the blue bird’s offensive. Reed – welfare, despite the guaranteed Walker, there is no way to take him with other homes. At the fifth game, Green played birds from Pilar after Solitic. Brien won the second half of this half-bureau and then replaced the second truncation of this game Jonathan Holder. Yangssen played the rolling earth in the three base direction, and Walker turned the ball to the first base. The first base tried to judge out, but after the recording is reproduced, the blue bird takes up one or two lines. However, Diaz still has not been able to play from Holdle, ending the offensive of the five branches of the blue bird. And the five bureaus, Lili-welfare successfully pressed the Junji’s attack, and let the base player three on three, and ended the first pitch. Although he only cast a 5 game (55 good balls), he sent an amazing 10-vibration. Although he also saved 4 players, he was only played 2 security, no drop, became a wins candidate.

The sixth game of Holder still allows the blue bird’s attack on three, no improvement. Bluebird replaced the relay pitcher Jack – Petreka. The first batter Graygius caught the high speed ball of his vote (362 feet). After making Sanchez rolling earth, Petreka smashed Torres. After that, Walker played the flat-fly ball in the direction of the Chinese and foreign fields, was killed, then Waot played the rolling bird in the left field. Bluebird saw the left pitcher Tim Mayza, hoping to catch the left Coral. Yangji also changed Miguel Andujar at this time. After Successfully selected it, And Duhar successfully selected it, the blue bird reunited again, this time is replaced by Ryan Tepera. He three-go three vibrated McCaqin, ending the Semi-bureau of Yangji. The six games, blue birds are still 5-1 1.

In the seven games, Yangji replaced the truncing pitcher Tommy – Kagunley. Morales took the lead in playing the birds in the middle direction, and then Grrike played the second base to play. Then Kunli saved Pilar, formed a situation where no one was full. Relaxing against the inner field, Yang Kai gave Morales in front of the home base, got the first number. Then Kunli three oscillated Yang Sen. Seeing this half of the game, the blue bird’s attack has just begun. Diaz and Urega have played a tapped bird, even if the Yangji has replaced the truncation of Stephen Tarpley. Tapri finally made Guriel’s roll-up, but the upper half of the 7 bureau ended, the blue bird
had expanded the leading advantage to 8 to 1.

Yangji's right foreign field makes Gregouri's home base becomes possible, only 367 feet just flew over the high wall

Yangji’s right foreign field makes Gregouri’s home base becomes possible, only 367 feet just flew over the high wall

In the second half of the seven games, the attack of the team is again. Stanton caught the inner corner of Te Pra, which stabbed the home run (428 feet). Bluebird then replaced Danny Barnes. After he was in the Zhen Hicks, he was played by Graygius to play the home running in the right and right foreign field (367 feet). After Sanchez played the inner direction weak, Torres was the second base of the left field. After the Walker was guaranteed, he was replaced by Tayler Clippard. However, he did not press the blue bird to suppress the sack of Yangji. He first saved Woit in the case of 2 goodballs without a bad ball, and then he was played by Anduhar’s head to the top of the left field (379 feet). Although the three vibrant McCachen, 6 points of the single branch, 7 bureau wars, 1 point after the battle is only 1 point.

In the middle of the eighth game, Yangji replaced Delin Betances, although he was first played by Somick first, he created a blue bird’s roll-to-earth killing. Subsequently, he also sent Grrick and ended the offense of Blue Bird 8. In the second half of the 8 games, Krpard first was three oscillated Stanon, which made the wild flipball in Gregourus after the guarantee of Hicks. At this time, the blue bird replaced the Terminator Ken Giles. He three-ball three vibrated Sanchez and ended the 8th game.

In the top half of the nine games, Yangji changed to Zach Britton. He first vibrated Pilar, and then successfully resolved this semi-bureau in the case of being hitting birds. In the second half of the nine bureaus, Jales today is still good, solving the three players of Yangji, guarding this victory, and also got the rescue success of this game.

[Two Party First]

Toronto Blue Birds:

First stick Lauldes – Gurier (Lourdes Gurriel Jr.) guerrilla

Second Rod Justin Smoak

Third Bat KFRES – KenDrys Morales Specifies a blow

Fourth Bar Landal-Grichuk

Fifth stick Kevin-Pilar

The sixth stick TEOska-Ernandez (Tesscar Hernandez) left outer wilder

The seventh stick Danny-Senni-Jansen

Eighth Alede Misi Diaz (Aldemys Diaz)

Ninth Bat Richard – Richard Urena Catcher

First Potter Sean Reid-foley

New York Yangji team:

The first stick Andrew – McChen (anddrew mccutchen) right wilder

The second stick Janelo Stanton specified hits

Third Bat Alon Hicks Aaron Hicks

The fourth stick Didi Gregorius guerrilla

Fifth stick Gary-Sanchez Catcher

Sixth stick Gleyber Torres

Seventh Bat Neil – Walker

Eighth Rod Luke – Luke Voit

Ninth Bar Brett – Brett Gardner Left Outer Wilder

First pitcher CC-Sabasia (C.c. Sabathia)

[Tomorrow Preview]

Tomorrow Bluebird and Yangji will also compete in the final competition of the Yangji Stadium. The first firing of Yangji is Lans Lynn. In the last game, Lin En took the previous decline, his main investment 6 bureau was only hit 3 patriarf. After his trading came to Yangji, he ran 8 games for Yangji, the score is 2 wins and 2 losses, and the loss rate is 4.79.

The premium pitcher sent by the blue bird is Xiu Xi Mas Pannon. After the performance of the Indians last week, Pannong received the opportunity of the second first year. In the face of the Indians, his main investment 6 and 3, one game, only 2 points, and won the victory. As a left-vote, he has cast a 3-point game in the battlefield in the game on August 20th, and did not allow the Yangji to take the score.