Iceman away from Atlanta? Falcons owner said Matt Ryan pending future


October 13 News (text / ESPN Vaughn McClure compile / white) Atlanta Falcons in the midst of turmoil. While the boss Arthur – Blanco expressed his quarterback Matt – respect and admiration for Ryan, but he did not let the promise of regular season MVP who continue to serve as the future quarterback, after all, the team is looking for new coach and general manager. At October 12, since the Falcons suffered five straight start to the season, followed by the boss intolerable open out coach Dan – Quinn and general manager Thomas – Dimitrov, appointed Rahim – Morris is interim head coach, president of Ritchie – Mackay will serve as general manager during this period, the team responsible for the daily management.

Blanco in October 13 interviewed by the press, asked whether the 35-year-old quarterback Ryan will become the team’s future, he replied: “I Ai Mate, like I love Dan, I also Aituomasi. Matt has been our team leader, he’s a great quarterback, one of the last 13 years is the best quarterback in the NFL. I hope he will become a part of our future plans, but now is not the thing for me to say. “

“Even though they have to this age, Matt still maintained a high level.” Blanco said: “As if he would continue to serve as our quarterback, I’m not sure I want to thank him for his willingness to have the heart to continue. effectiveness, and thank him for the 13 years to pay for the club, and his incredible achievements, but we all have to go step by step. Anyway, it will be a big decision to be considered part of the player’s comments, decided by the players, the other part of the coaching staff will decide. we have to see if Matt can hold. God willing, I’m sure he can do, he can play and show a high level. “

If you knew Blanco likes to use “one-day Falcon Falcon for life,” the word, but when talking about Ryan, he did not say. This time last year, Blanco is now more trust than Ryan, Ryan also expressed the hope to hit their 40s. “I think we have a long way to go.” Ryan said:. “But if you can stay healthy and be able to maintain their level, I think there is nothing wrong in”

Ryan in May 2018 signed a five-year, $ 150 million contract extension, including $ 100 million security fund, currently three years left on his contract to $ 74,750,000. Ryan salary cap limit in the 2021 season was $ 40,912,500, even though the Falcons adjusted his contract twice in the past year, in order to create more cap space, but next season the Falcons certainly do the same Ryan thing to compress the contract. According to Dimitrov he said, and no sign of Falcon keep Ryan broke up, even if they are in front of this year’s NFL draft detailed investigation quarterback Joe – Burrow and Tua – 塔格瓦罗拉.

Mackay said on Tuesday, will form a new management team is completed as soon as possible. Blanco said that the traditional approach is to hire the general manager, and then hire a coach, but he also added that may not follow the routine the cards. At the same time, McKay also asked whether the Falcons 2021 season because of salary cap nervous and sell big-name players. “No,” Mackay said: “Last year we made a deal, and Mohammed – Sanou to the New England Patriots get a second-round pick, we believe that this is in line with the interests of most players good deal. we have the future of this shining goal, to make the best deal. “

“If someone came to us trading a player, this is definitely reasonable for us, but also be able to maximize the benefits, so why not do it? Maybe, that is what we want to study things, but now is not to worry about this thing, we all, to find the next general manager and head coach. we will welcome them to join the Falcons, to enable them to assess the current roster and let them decide for themselves. “

Mackay went on to say, the squad has a lot of high-paying players will inevitably have a significant impact on the salary cap, salary cap but he believes these are operational. At present, the Falcons have accounted for $ 136 million in space six players will be next season, they are Ryan, wide receiver Julio – Jones. Falcon whether or not to conduct a comprehensive reconstruction will depend on how the new general manager and head coach as evaluation of the squad. Blanco said the sign face from a large list of view, the record should definitely stronger than 0 wins and 5 losses.

As for Ryan, he admitted that this season’s performance did not meet expectations. Over the past two games, we did not have Ryan touchdowns for Houston, while there have been key steals. Five games, Lane 204 pass 129, advancing 1472 yards, 7 touchdowns made 3 steals, passing score of 90.2. As the Falcons in 2008, the third overall pick in the NBA Draft, Ryan is currently a total of 52,658 yards passing yardage, ranking ninth in NFL history.