Huntington, general manager of MLB pirates, was wrapped in a three-year master.


On October 29, Beijing time announced that the MLB Pittsburgh Pirate announced that the team fired the executive vice president and the general manager NEAL HUNTINGTON, the general manager of the Assistant, Kevin Graves, will temporarilyThe head of the team generally manager until the team finds a formal alternative.

At the same time, Pirates also announced that Travis Williams served as a new president of the team, replacing the Frank Coonelly, which was fired. Williams previously served as the Chief Operation Officer of 11 seasons in the same city NHL team Pittsburgh, 2018 He went to New York Island to serve as the president of business operations.

Huntington was disappeared, and although the entire sniper pirateball group has experienced great changes, the bob of Bob Nutting is still trusting the ability and leadership of Huntington. However, after Nugot, he needs to perform a comprehensive view of the team from top to top, and make a decision to make a decision.

Before Huntington and Narutale, the team’s head coach was dismissed at the end of September. At the same time, there were also famous pitcher coaching thunders in alliances – Sarach (Ray Seagether) and Bench coach Tom Princes. As for the fate of other members of the coach group, it is necessary to wait for new coaches to be determined.

This season’s Pittsburgh’s record is only 69 wins and 93 negative, in the country of the central area. Especially the performance and field factors of the next half of the season, but also the determination to change blood under management. On July 3, the record of pirates was 42 wins and 43 losses, and only 3 winners in the divided name. However, the next three months team fell into thousands of feet, and the team has always sent a negative news such as fighting. This also allows the boss to replace the team management’s determination.

After making a decision to understand Huntington, Nugot did a statement: “I am very grateful to the contribution of Nier (Huntington) for the pirateball group and our city. He won’t be Forgetting, especially he ended the long wait for pirate fans, re-brought the pirates back to the season, this moment Pittsburgh fan will not forget. In the past season, I was the most frustrated season for the team boss. As the season In-depth, I deeply feel that I have to make a big trunk change to the entire operation department of the team. “

The 50-year-old Huntington is in 2007, and the Dave Littlefield was taken in 2007. His contract has only expired for two years. When he served as the general manager of the pirate, the star player in the pirate line or Jason Bay, Freddy Sanchez, and Adam Laroche, Pirates In the loop that continues to rebuild.

At his alright, he cultivated Andrew McCutchen, Starlin Marte and Glitco (Gerrit Cole), 2013-15 Entered the playoffs. Even during this time, the pirate has never got through the session champion, and they will still stop the first round of the season.

The recent trading operation of Huntington is not nothing, and the most controversial transaction is to change the right pitcher Chris Archer, he does not hesitate to save Austin MEDOWS. Tyler Glasnow and Shane Baz have served Tampa Bay. Although Archer has entered the free player market for 3 years, he is far less than expected in Pittsburgh. In contrast, Medos and Glasno have exchanged their talents in Tampa Bay, becoming the cornerstone of the radiance.

Because the pirate boss is not willing to spend too much salary on the team, Huntington can only make a dozen in the tetch shell. The boss has only three times to allow the team’s total salary to break through 90 million US dollars, making the team a limited cycle in the free player and the trading market. Thus even if the performance of the radiance has declined, he seductive cheap contracts still induces Huntington to smash the big price for him.

In addition to this transaction, Huntington also traded McCacho, in exchange for this season’s best new show, Bryan Reynolds and Kyle Crit, The pilot trading pirates in exchange for Joe Musgro, other players (Colin Moran), Michael Feliz (Colin Moran), Michael Feliz ) And Jason Martin) have not yet been good.

McCachen and Cole are mainly due to the internal wage limit of pirates, and the pirate boss “iron cock” has even caused attention to the player’s union. They even on the president’s office, requiring alliances to investigate the pirates. The statement issued after the league said that the use of relevant funds, there is no need to have additional worry.

Huntington’s departure calculated the end of the United Answer. After the end of the season, pirates are expected to continue to cut the team salary. At present, the team’s star player Marter may change the door. As for Acr, after another bad season, his future is not known. In particular, he is about to enter the arbitration stage. His annual salary will rise rapidly, and whether the new general manager of the pirate is willing to leave him is still an unknown number. In addition, the layout pitcher who was involved in the team, Zioni Kra, also may be traded.

Perhaps the fans of the pirates, with the deputies of Huntington, the pirates entered the rebuild, they have to wait for the next impact season window. For this old brand strong team, the glory in history cannot cover up the bitterness in reality.