How big is the Chinese basketball and the American basketball gap?


The NBA is the top basketball stage in the world, and is the most popular place in the world. Here, there is a basketball star from all over the world, but it is not enough to play in NBA. After all, basketball in NBA is the least talented, you want to be strong in NBA.
The representative of this is Kobe Branet, have you seen Los Angeles at four in the morning? It is a written photo that Kobe is self-disciplined. As asked in the media interview Kobe: “Why can you succeed?” Kobe: “When Los Angeles is still in the dark, I will get up in the dark street, and the day has passed Los Angeles. Still, the dim, the dim, the land of Los Angeles street has changed so much. Even ten years have passed Los Angeles or Los Angeles without any changes, and even I already know every corner on the streets of Los Angeles, and I have become completed. From a thin young man becomes muscle strong, physical fitness, power, and very high-rate athletes.
In addition to Kobe, 40-year-old Carter is also a self-disciplined person. Other years, how can the 40-year-old Carter still maintain an amazing bounce, and a good confrontation capability, even in the actual game, it is because Self-discipline can make so many impossible to change.
Stevenish In order to keep the body, do not eat oil salt, fried food, sugar food and pork food, meat only eat chicken breasts that boil the boiled water. According to media, James has hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to
hard work every year, in order to make it more competitive. As a shooter, Ray Allen has the top-level psychological quality and powerful muscle memory, and more than Ray Allen, the new show season and his retired season is almost different, which means that Ray Allen has strong self-discipline. .
Or then we can throw away the topic of self-discipline, talk about some of the style of CBA players, the simplest example is smoking, “Chinese boy” Moody, who is “Chinese boy” playing basketball in the CBA league, he is In an interview with foreign media: “I sometimes go back to the locker room to enter, then quickly leave the scene, because the smoke of the dressing room is too heavy.”
Again, in Chinese wine culture is essential, whether it is a human love or a wine table, it is inseparable from wine, does it have this phenomenon in the CBA game? The answer is yes, and this kind of news about CBA players has been unexpected in the country. There is no drink before the game. After the game, everyone will eat barbecue, the media has exploded a lot, these are a fresh example.
So, is there any Chinese player who is not drinking, does not smoke, very self-discipline, and basketball be played well? Youth, Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian are the most successful examples, and NBA has a lot of self-discipline, because self-discipline is the foundation of their combat power. If the talent is not the only standard for the basketball player, if the CBA player can maintain strong self-discipline, can Chinese basketball rise? Or do you still be self-disciplined? Let’s talk about it.