Guangsha signed NBA explorators, can they become a stir-up of Liao Guang?


Recently, there was a report of Chengcheng Zhejiang Guangsha successfully signed the next NBA exploration of the show Oakford. It is believed that the huge young people in this potential will play a world in the Chinese league.

Okafor is only 26 years old this year, and it is the exploration show of NBA in 2015. It can be seen that his ability is still there. In the peak season, Okafor acts as an inner line or it can easily get 17+ score. The score ability is unquestionable.

And Guangsha this season also lost two games,
although the opponent is weak, but the three giants composed of Sun Minghui Hu Jinqiu Zhao Yan also have very impact.

The team of Guangsha is running in one hand in Li Chunjiang, although it is repeated in the season, it is also a ranks of the strong team, especially the new trident, the team team is also a result.

But this potential team is still there in the choice of foreign aid. First, I was pitted twice by Chandler. It should be said that if Chandler is a little dedicated, then Guangzhou is really striving for a championship.

But things is like this, putting pigeons twice in a row, you said

This thing can be blamed. Then, the dirty fordes who were painful by a team, this foreign aid strength is OK, but the emotional control is not good, and some incredible movements are often made. The choice of offensive is more brain, and later, it is even more experienced.

Another is Bolossis, this Greek foreign aid is except for the outside. The rest is to complain about the referee and teammates! It can be said that there is no ability.

Of course, in addition to Chandler. Guangsha also has such a military foreign aid like the Emperor Farier, but the soil is unknown, he is still very fast out of people’s sight.

Of course, there is still more than enough in the 45th position of Mount Guangxia, and he can become a very good internal barrier with Hu Jinqiu.

In the disadvantage of Xu Zhonghao, Okafor is a very good supplement.

But compared with Liaoning, Guangdong, their disadvantages are not a foreign aid to solve. The biggest disadvantage of Guangsha is still in their rotation players.

From the data we can see that in addition to the three less, Guangsha can have more people to stand up. That is to say, once the second lineup debut, the Guangzhou is instantaneous.

This is not blamed, after all, the team is very much, with Lin Zhijie Liu Hao, the depth of Guangsha is really worrying.

Therefore, in the face of the military and strong Liao Yue, Guangsha is really not a good way. This season will continue to give Liaoning this season.

But the joining of new foreign aid is always good. However, the current CBA has passed foreign aid to determine everything. With the improvement of domestic players, coupled with league’s restrictions on foreign aid, the depth of the bench is the key to decide who can go farther, do you think?