Great sports showdown the best years of more than glad met you best


On the morning of November 5th, Beijing time, the ninth round of NFL regular season welcomed a peak-to-peak, Alon Rogers led the green bay packaging, Lin Geng, the new England Patriots, Challenge Tom Brradi. With the fourth Patriot Glenealy 2 touchdowns to seal the victory, this war has been the strongest quarterback vanished. In the patriot and packaging fans, this is to go to the battle of Goat. Is to the many neutral fans, it was a long wait four years to two of the greatest players in the contest.

A fans who love, this is a tribute.

If you can understand that “the enemy’s height determines your height”, you will understand why there will be so embarrassed in the world. For example, Xiao Yuanshan see Mu Yongbo, before, self-sensation “I can’t say a lonely and sad”; for example, Cao Cao set off the sacrifice to Yuan Shaki, “Worship and cry”; In the three-day, “I will not be unfavorable”; for example, the game, Braddy and Rogers see the movement, and the “elite” two words are performed.

Just a few days ago, the martial arts novel Thai Jinhuang drove the cranes, the League of Legends final IG won the laurel, but the two things that were not coherent succeeded in detonating social media. I have been thinking about it, I have a good dream, and the online traffic is in the world. It is carried by a few generations of youth memories. After standing in the short convergence of the two, Jin Yong was quietly left, and it left to the Chinese world. “There is Jin Yong” in the well water, and the Chinese team won the first S match championship On the occasion of the trophy, the high-ranking electricity industry has also become a new economic engine.

Because of a few current hotspots, a seemingly ordinary topic # 90 has begun to lose # 动 Become a hot search topic. Some people sigh:

Dong Hao uncle retired, the golden tortoissered a big windmill, and the sister of Liup became the grandmother. Wang Xiaoyun no longer presided over the happy dictionary. Now Jin Dynasty and Li Wei are far away from us. After 90, we started to learn.

While we farewell, we also ushered in an e-sports carnival. See the IG team sweeping FNC in the Wenhe Arena, and won the first League of League Global Final Championship for the Chinese Division. For a time, and the “IG won the champion” related to the major social media platforms, even at the moment of IG won the championship, “We are champion” shouts are full of college dormitory, Internet cafes and other game enthusiasts aggregated.

In this context, sports seem to find your own belongings. We can’t help but ask, is there no sports after 90? Is there really no sports?

In fact, as a sports fan from a small various chasing stars, we have long been going to be resolute, the 96 golden generation on the basketball court, the Spanish Golden Tong, England Demon Knife and Iron Bloodyan, which seems to be willing to defeat. Wang, both gradually left. And today’s two 12th protagonists, add up to 75 years old. We don’t know, which day may also give not to them.

Rogers vs Braddy, these two careers added a total of 300 victories, five regular games MVP, six super bowl trophy. In the beginning, Braddy and Pedton – Manning is more than ten years of arrogance, visiting the peers as fish meat. After Manning retired, Brradi’s honor and Rogers’s talents became the topic of people, in 2005, they were the best “future” around Brett Faver Uncle. Ten years of time sharply cut everyone’s survival trajectory, while Braddy and Rogers are still not divided by the height of everyone.

Such a battle of Tianwangshan, Michael Jordan also shot an advertisement. Jordan first expounds around “Who is the greatest player”, “Huang Rong is added, talent, the key time is powerful, even their number is the same!” When people think he refers to himself. When Renbrang James, Braddy and Rogers were suddenly appeared in the picture.

Perhaps we can’t see LeBron and 22-year-old Michael Jordan, which is 22 years old, but Braddy Wars Rogers, but we can understand 23 VS 24, can also meet Mero’s narrow roads, you can also imagine Feminine, even the battle of Pame, this is no problem. The key is that this time is missing, it is really impossible to send it.

The rivers and lakes of the knife and swords are the volts reserved in the moment. It embelles the most dazzling instant in another sixty minutes, which is the battlefield of the hero. The 41-year-old Braddy didn’t know if it was still a few years. Even if Rogers wished, Brradi’s body was not able to do it. If the two teams enter the super bowl, then today’s game is very likely to be two great players. The last conversation in your career.

Don’t you love sports? Is sports more difficult to make a hot spot? It is because such a classic dialogue is too small. 23 VS 24 is not, C Roja Juventus, Mero’s dispute can only be able to meet in the Champions League; Baiqi is tooll, Feijie is also difficult to play a magnificent game.

We are all big, they are old. In the competitive sports, each time you meet each time, you will have a framework of history, and it has also gone out of time. Time to 10 years ago, at that time, everyone Fenghua Zhengmao. Some people say that this is the best ten years in the sports world. We have a must-have the way to success. All people can meet happiness in the best years. Very Very Very Very Well, I have never been looking to the autumn water. For a decade, I witnessed that they have chased my tacit understanding, and they also have a long wait, the beauty of the year.

We always say that the day is long, but it also understands that living in the moment, can’t escape the hot fever before you. So compared to extravagant love, the precious moments of the stadium are more worthy of us to appreciate.

Braddy and Rogers have finally a day “Baiyun deep, returning is late”, the end, “Zhuangzhi is unpaid, the hero is already a strange road”. Even if their body is slowly wrapped slowly, it will enjoy another city fireworks in the old go, and they have no right, and they are the kings of their respective city. Zeng Heroes did not ask, now there is a hurry in a hurry. We don’t know how to reach the honor of Rogers in 77 years and 83 years.

As a rare item, the two of this peak of this peak reflects the glass of the art. This time, Rogers who don’t care, I can’t catch up with Brradi, but because of the competitive sports is not a guard guard, they have a tired Front, but not necessarily the same pace.

Braddy and Rogers are two most dazzling stars in this era, but they will definitely confess each other when they are relatively. As their hi, wait until retiring, our best year is then the past.

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