Give me the ball, I want to go home, Billi Wan Weavis midfield, suddenly announced retirement


The coach urgently made half a tactical arrangement, or published a leader of the leader, this is the reservation track when the football stadium is resting, but today the Bill’s Feng Tower – Davis tells us with practical action – There are other uses in the middle field.

In the early morning of the morning, Davis started, but he suddenly informed his coach and teammate when he was resting in the midfield. He will retire from the professional football event. According to ESPN reporters, then Davis wearned and left the alley. He did not even stand on the side of the team to help.

He took himself out of the game. He told us his career end. “The head coach McDotmot seems very shocked. After the game, just simply responded to the reporter’s question. Davis’s teammates generally feel that this is unacceptable.

“I have never heard of this kind of wonderful thing!” Line Yullenzo-Alexander Heart, “Whether it is a high school league, University League, professional league or Bob Hua Youth League, I have never heard of this kind of thing, This is a great insult to his teammates! “Davis’s decommissioned decision is so rush, so that Most of Alexander did not realize that his second half will not appear.

Subsequently, Davis officially released his own decommission statement. He said that this is not the way of retiring itself, but the reality in the game is stimulating him. He feels that his body and thoughts have no longer support yourself. In the statement, Davis also specifically explained himself and unintentional coach and teammates. He just considered that it was the best decision to all people.

This year, Davis and Bill signed a year contract twice, but unveiled a list of activation, this game is his first game. Davis’s retirement is likely to make this bad team defense further, as of now, Bill passed the ball defense in the top 20, and the average misses 252 yards.

After the huge difference of 44 minutes, the new star quarter-Alan, who was started this week, did not bring victory to the team, at the home of 20 to 31 at home. Lightning.

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