From the worst of the United States, the first pitcher to the quasi-all-star white socks, how do you use a season?


Written / Zhang Zihan

In 2018, Chicago White Sox of Lucas-Jolito did not have a pitcher for ten years: he has reached a score rate of 6 in more than 170 games. Such a bad manifestation also makes the scheduling of the overall coaches of the White Socks.

Qiao Li is a representative star in southern Chicago.

Qiao Li is a representative star in southern Chicago.

However, after the 2019 season, Qiao Litro has experienced a bleak season, quickly showing an unprecedented pressure. He turned himself from a throttle of the 6 spending rate into ace of Chicago’s white socks.

The 24-year-old Lucas-Qiaolito’s 2018 season can be described in the disaster. He is the worst full-time pitcher in MLB, and the ERA of 6.13 has explained the problem, he also filed the first 91 guaranteed. Before this unusual first, he was in a variety of data in many data, 10 wins and 1 defeated, and the self-sharing rate was only 2.28, 95 times, but only 26 guarantees.

After being rated in May, the fans’ attention started from Qiao Li, how long can I continue to have a panic? “I finally showed the level I should have,” this is very interesting, “Qiao Li To recently told reporters. “I just didn’t show it before.”

Qiao Lito picked up on the scene of the White Socks

Qiao Lito picked up on the scene of the White Socks

Advances are too amazing hundred years baseball history

As early as three years ago, Lucas-Jolito was rated as a rookie in the third potential by MLB and well-known baseball website, Baseball America, is the 5th place. This is enough to explain that the baseball experts are expected to him, but there is some “face” in the 2018 season.

However, the transformation of Jolito this season is shocking, and it turns into a throne pitcher of Chicago White Socks. The fans completely reason to believe that Jolito is no longer the bad first firing.

Mike Hampsen does not adapt to the Rocky Plateau Stadium, frequently being played

Mike Hampsen does not adapt to the Rocky Plateau Stadium, frequently being played

Since 1901, only 27 pitks have threw at least 170 bureaies in a single season and then their own points is over 6 or more. The 26 seniors of Qiaolito only controlled the score rate in the second season in 4 or less, Dai Lun-Kyle and Mike Hampsen’s counterattacks, both of them because Level the Coloradoloky air thin flight trajectory longer Kurs Stadium to get a career transfer.

But Qiaolito is different from the above two, he has been staying in the same team, and progress is far more than those old. Josoli’s first performance ranked 31% of the first performance ranking, but he was 98% higher than the alliance average, he reached a miraculous progress of 129%.

Geori Tour is the main investment in Today

Geori Tour is the main investment in Today

Hampton, which was traded to Atlanta Warriors, was increased by 34% before the 2003 season, and the Kyle, which was traded to St. Louis, was improved by 32% before the 2000 season. It can be said that the score rate can be reduced to 4 or less. It is a qualified first round value of the alliance, but it is apparent that Jolito has increased the two words in progress to the new height. Among the other 24 pithers of this list, 17 were still pitched in the next season, of which six transformations became a post-aid pitcher, and one person left the professional baseball.

It can stay in the first round value in such a bad season, and the 17-year-old pitcher has different degrees of progress, and they have improved average 20% in the pitcher rankings.

Chris Cagpete is not smooth in the blue bird, it is released in 2003

Chris Cagpete is not smooth in the blue bird, it is released in 2003

Qiao Li To is sent to the Holy Player or a development template

Although there is no change in these 26 pitks to match the transition of the Qiaolito single season, there are some players’ development path should
be worthy of Jolito.

Haville Wozquis made a bad 6.06 self-blade rate in the 1998 season. At that time, he was a 21-year-old rookie. He continued to grow and became all star players after six seasons. From the raised rookie, the pitcher grows into all stars, which sounds completely a good ending. But Chicago White Socks is undoubtedly a Saiyang name, Kris, Karpenter.

Toronto Blue Bird Pitcher Chris Coptene has been previously being named by a super-class rookie, but he brought the 6.26 self-sharing at the time of the 2000 season. At that time, his career was as high as 5.04.

Although it is the first round of MLB and ranked 27th in the official rookie list, this right pitcher can’t make the potential you should have. After two mediocrity season, Cagpete suffered severe shoulder injury. The final bluebird selection will be released.

It turns out that Toronto Bluebird made a major mistake. In 2003, Kak Pien received his shoulder surgery to repair the torn joint lips, and he came to St. Louis Paletz, and then welcomed a brilliant career peak. In the nine seasons of the Effectiveness of the Red Pick, although there are three seasons that have been severe injuries, 95 wins and 44 defeats and beautiful 3.07 self-blame rates have been exchanged for three full-star awards.

Chris Cabed also won the highest honor of the pitcher in 2005, and ranked first in the other two seasons. Most importantly, he can stay against the key to leaving the base, he is in the MLB World Contest, and he has helped the Red Shu to win the championship twice.

The bad performance on the Wozques may be that the age of too small ball is incapacitated. Cagpete is more because of injury, and Qiaoi said his problem is excessive.

Jialo said that he would think a lot of problems in front of the ball last season, so the psychological burden is heavy, and the new season he tried to focus on the game, and then fix his own pitch. Changing the pitch mechanism completely solves the problem of bad balls.

Correct the pounding action Qiaolito ball speed line rise

“The rhythm of the pitch is more compact, and the power is concentrated in a moment of the pitch rather than the beginning of the muscles.” Qiao Li Toro talked about his latest pitching.

Geori Tour's three main battle circuit changes trajectory

Geori Tour’s three main battle circuit changes trajectory

The main change of Qiaolito is in the arm, and the swing of the vocal waves will be shorted. Therefore, the arm can be in a more suitable pitching position when his front pedal is made to the ground.

Only by correcting the movements of the arm, the results received by Qiaolito are obvious. According to MLB Statcast statistics, he rapidly reached 94.6 mi / h.

Geori's circle refers to the speed ball has strong spoofing at the left.

Geori’s circle refers to the speed ball has strong spoofing at the left.

And some signs indicate that Qiaolito is becoming a mature pitcher. His best ball this season is a speed ball. He never demonstrated the power on this road to show a bad problem.

Lucas-Qiaolo can have a problem in this season, and there is a problem with the problem, and the last white socks that can have such performance will also be traced back to the 2014 season’s weird Tris Sel. It is also no wonder that the white sock team recognizes that Jialo is the darling of the southern Chicago.

Kandreras hit the guns in the first game

Kandreras hit the guns in the first game

Although in Today, Demi, Jolito, Ji Litro, who has been gone throughout Treras, has gone in the individual record of 9 consecutive high-quality first, but his performance is essential for this season’s Chicago White. His existence allows the team to compete for the United States.

White socks have a poor round value of the season, Nova and Lopez’s self-blade points are swallowed 12 defeats in more than 6 people, but the good news is that Jialto has just been from the same haze last season. Out, he can make recommendations to teammates to help them correct the pitch.