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On March 6th, the 2023 Rugby World Cup Organizing Committee announced that the Zhi Olympic Exhibition Group will become its first official sponsor.

Class good news weekAtcher, CEO Claude Atcher, CEO Claude Atcher, said: “We are very happy to share the experience in the field of sports events in the field of sports events. “

It is reported that the Zhiyao Exhibition Group will be responsible for the planning and design and implementation of the event, according to the vision of the organizing committee, for the majority of fans and friends from all walks of life. The most beautiful contract.

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Rugby is one of the ‘specialties of the Zhoyao Exhibition. Since 2008, the Zhi Olympic Exhibition Group invests in Low Rugby. Team strength, loyalty and dedication, joy is our common value, so we ended with the 2023 Rugby World Cup, it deserves our pour perfect and professional services. “The President of Zhio Group said.

Rugby, Chinese “British football”, according to the legendary AD 1823, a campus football named William Webb Ellis in the British Town Laugaby Rugby I was c news sangli today news liveannoyed in the game, I was annoyed in a hurry, and I took the ball to the opponent’s goal. Although this action is fouled, it causes interest in the audience. Two hundred years later, British football developed into the world’s most popular movement.

Founded in 1987, the Rugby World Cup was established every four years, and 2023 France will host its tenth event. Each champion team will be awarded the Webb Ellis Cup.

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