Former Wikiki defensive end of the front, I actually change the ice making dream to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics


Former Viking’s star defensive end Harry Allen has been with a ball in the field, especially his iconic beef is simply a real version of the Viking team logo. After retiring, he also couldn’t stand loneliness. If you try to persistent his career; however, the sports project he is engaged in makes many people unexpected. He chose another collision, but he is not a human, but a soil of opponents! Yes, the project selected by Allen is actually – curling!

This is not a joke, although all this is a bet that is from a friend, but Allen himself is very serious. After retiring in 2016, he wanted to be a professional golf player, but the cruel reality told him that he and the “Tiger” Terg – Woods were more than 100,000 miles. At this moment, he watched a movie “Flying Eagle Adudi” with your friends. The owner’s negative, the more frustrated strong will let Allen are touched, so an idea is in his mind: I have to go to the Olympic Games like ADD! Yes, I have to participate in the Olympics!

Although I will gamble with my friends, I will participate in the Olympics, but Allen did not have blood to imitate the movie master. When receiving TMZ sports interview, he revealed the start of badminton at the beginning, and found his good friend, and also from NFL’s Mark Balj, but he quickly found his flexible and changed killing skills Not enough to make him have enough ability to deal with badminton competition. Just then, he looked at the curling pot – this is not the sand arcuat on the ice! Easy! bring it on!

Of course, the curling competition is a teammate, so Allen thinks his friends, including professional bowls, Kas-Barak and professional bowls. Don’t think they are funny, they really have built a curling team. They hired a curling coach and guarantee at least two hours on ice every week; now they are really competing with other top ice boots, Allen said that they really want to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Can!

However, the curling movement is very fierce in North America. Allen wants to participate in the Olympics, his team must pull the lead in the selection. And some small problems in the mountains, curling training are still plaguing these shapes and aphrons that come from the court.

“The difficulty is to simply sweep the ice. For those who engage in aerobic exercises, the high frequency is too difficult.” Allen said, indeed, in order to change the curling trajectory, desperately sweeping ice Curling athletes’ homes are not a matter of convenience; this is not the hardest thing for Allen. “The most difficult thing is that I can’t say garbage … this is really difficult to talk to me.”

Small coding is only to say to Allen here: Beijing welcomes you! bring it on! Come ON!

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