Falls or have finished the Philadelphia bid farewell to the battle to thank the fans in the future is still uncertain


Philadelphia Eagle’s 2018 season is over New Orleans today, now, Nick-Ford’s future issues will be covered in the Leung City. This magical quartzwood said after 14-20 lost to Saint, and did not pay attention to his future.

“I am still not going to talk about this problem now.” Falls said: “I will enjoy the wonderful time of my teammates, the future? Let’s see what will happen.”

Last year, the former super bowl MVP was reorganized with the team. The new contract content has $ 2 million signing bonus and millions of incentive bonuses, incentive provisions, etc. Will get $ 20 million of salary, which is undoubtedly a small number. Of course, if the Eagle team activates the Form’s contract option in 2019, Falls can also jump out of the contract into a free player. In other words, after the eagle selection activation option, the Forte will decide not to leave, if you don’t leave, give the eagle 2 million to the contract.

Almost everyone believes that if Falls enters the free market, he will be the best quartz. Since Carson Wenz is still within the rookie contract, there is no doubt that is the future of the team, the Eagle is likely to be in the 2019 season. Formo is not well guaranteed like Wenz, and it will be 30 years old, and now he can disclose a big contract in the market.

In the press conference after losing to the saints, Falls repeatedly asked the reporter to ask his future, he thanked Philadelphia fans. If today’s game is a curtain call of Fort, then he will become the legend of the first super bowl of trophy. “What does this city mean me, this is very important. I am very popular here with my wife, we have become part of this, telling the truth, putting the green jersey, really a Enjoyment. So, no matter what, I will not forget. About the future, we will wait and see. I want to say, I am very enjoying every minute here, it will always occupy a special in my heart. Location. This city, fans and residents, all everything, I will remember. Nothing is more happy than playing the ball in the Lincoln Financial Center, I enjoy those moments. I have experienced the storm with me. My daughter spent here. So I also want to know what will happen in the future, but I am here, there is no regret. “

Falls proved that his magical performance in the season is not lucky. He led the eagle to death this season, and grabbed the final season of the country with three consecutive victories, and then defeated the Chicago Bear in the outer card. Several games, Falls faced severe tests, the ability of big scene combats and superior levels have been recognized by fans. However, the eagle is not ideal today, after losing the ball, the reporter also asked his next goal to become a first four-point guard in NFL? This question also means whether he will leave Philadelphia for his starting.

Falls looked a little, and there was a little bit of a little. “Yes, I mean … you know, I think I …. Hey, let’s walk,” Sustic: “Repeat it again, I don’t plan to guess my future now. However, I want to say that I like to lead a team. I like to be a gathering in front of the ball. I like to become an important part of the dressing room. Word. This is the reason I played with rugby. “

Before Doug-Peterson, Falls led the eagle before winning the super bowl, Falls almost chose to retire to bid fighter, so Falls is to choose a better future for other teams, or continue to stay in Philadelphia It is also difficult to choose from him. On the one hand, the maximum probability of leaving the Philadelphia will get the main position, and the other hand, his feelings of the city are hard to cut.

“This is a difficult question.” Form was asked to stay in Philadelphia, saying: “This is a very special situation, I need time to think about it. I love this city, I like to play here. However, our team has three quarters. They all have the ability to alliance. No matter what happens in the future, I will enjoy the happy time here, I will work together with Carson and Nentfield (Sadfield) every day. Very happy. This city is significant for me and my family. “

After the end of the game, it was more important to stay in this city than get a first big contract. This is the problem that Falls should consider in the next few weeks. But in any case, the Philadelphia people will always be grateful to help them get a superb bowl.

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