ESPN: Space people defeated red socks and not difficult to help Hellston to enter the World Competition


October 13 (Wen / ESPN Senior Writers TIM KURKJIAN) Get more than 100 victories this season, New York Yang Bay team in the last round of the playoffs by 1-3 Boston socks Eliminate out. In another group of finals, the Houston Space Tace will win three games, sweep the Indians out. The upcoming space man and the red socks will be unusually cruel: after this round, there will be only a team to enter the last World Competition.

In this season, the Red Sox won 108 victories. The space team is equally amazing, and the whole season eventually won 103 games. Two teams were in 211 games in https://www.fanbutikk.comthe finals of the big profit playoffs in the second, second only to 212 victories of the two teams in 1998. In 1998, Yang Biece 4-0 swept the priest. But the competition of space people who will be staged and red socks will not be like this: ESPN predicts, this group will eventually fight.

Although the ESPN predictive competition will be very intense, ESPN still predicts that the Spaces will enter the World Competition and give three important reasons: starting pitcher, cowshed depth, and lineup strength.

The space team currently has the best rotation lineup: the media will take the space man Pitk Justine – Villand evaluation as the future celebrity class player, his pitching is unattended. In addition, Gritco has a good performance in the last round season, 12 times a three-vibrate opponent, and did not send anyone. Dallas – Kagl and Charlie – Morton did not debut in the last round of the playoffs, and the two people who have a huge accommodation will be a great pressure in the defensive end for red stockings.

In contrast, the reddock team’s starting pitcher has a short board, in the reddock team pitcher David – Préch’s birthday, when he started to play, the team had encountered 10 links. Such a history of embarrassment, a shadow of the winning prospects for red socks.

Under the contrast of the cowshed, the space team is slightly better. In this season, the space blade of the space team is the lowest alliance.

. In the previous round of the Indian series, the space team cowshed completed 30 three-vibrating bureau, only 13 amps. Among them, Corin-Macch is stable in the past season. In the 72 game of the appearance, McCho only released 45
times, and completed the 94th Senuct Out, the self-sharing rate was only 1.99. Another outstanding cowshed pitcher is Lane Presley, which completes 32 three-vibrating bureau in the 23rd game of the Buffet Pitcher from Minnesota to the 23rd game, and only releases three people. At this point, the space team wins again.

Among the depths of the lineup, the space team’s attack capacity is stronger. China George – Springer played the home run twice in the last round of the series. Alex Bregman also played two home runs in the last round of the series, and returned to the home base score. In addition, Carlos-Coria and Mawen-Gonzaleth is recovering. In the face of such a powerful attack line, the defense of the Red Sox will encounter great challenges.

However, the charm of sports is not at the moment of the game, we will never determine who the winner is. The reddock that the countertop strength does not occupy, perhaps through a good teamwork and chemical reaction to complete our unexpected achievements. Don’t forget, they are the best teams in the regular season, and they will not fear in front of any opponent.

In the ESPN survey, the support rate of red socks and spacers is almost unhappy. Currently, on the ESPN website, the support rate of red socks is less than lead. But no matter what, the next Melan Championship will be very exciting.